Meet the candidates in Wareham's Board of Selectmen race

Mar 27, 2018
From left: Wareham Selectmen candidates Marc Bianco, Mary Bruce and incumbent Alan Slavin.

Wareham will go to the polls on April 3 where there is a contested race for one seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Planning Board member Marc Bianco is challenging incumbent Selectman Alan Slavin for a seat on the board. A third candidate, Mary Bruce, is running unopposed for the seat formerly held by Selectman Judy Whiteside, who resigned earlier this year for an unspecified personal reason.

For more on the candidates, click on the links below.

Marc Bianco

Mary Bruce

Alan Slavin

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Posted by: Uptohere | Mar 29, 2018 22:47

Can anyone answer my question? And that wasnt it. I was more impressed with Mr Bianco and Mr Slavin. Can I vote for 1 and write in the others name for the other spot? And if no....why not?

Posted by: Uptohere | Mar 30, 2018 10:09

Seems some people need to review the definition of " non personal"  along with hypocrite. Having just appaulded candidates on basically running a campaign with no rock throwing preceeds to then pitch a few.  This was 1 unnecessary and 2 a showing of where their support lies. 3 this unwarrenty public admonishment should have been done in private.   Disturbing, disgusting display.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 30, 2018 11:06

Uptohere - Regarding your comment immediately above. I'm confused. Perhaps I missed an article that generated your above comment? If there is an article available online that would help me better understand that which your comment references, please post a link to the article. Thank you.

Posted by: Uptohere | Mar 30, 2018 18:49

Unfortunately posting links has always been hit and miss for me, mostly miss.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Apr 01, 2018 16:49

Peter Teitelbaum in Wareham, MA:Community Group

“Just wanted to make some remarks about the Wareham Town Election this coming Tuesday, April 3rd. First, the particulars:

The polls are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Following are the polling places and the precincts they cover:

Wareham Town Hall - Precinct One

Hammond School, Onset - Precinct Two

Minot Forest School - Precincts Three and Six

Decas School, West Wareham - Precincts Four and Five

Please honor the sacrifices that millions have made so that you can exercise your right to vote in a free democratic society by showing up on Tuesday.

Second, I wish to congratulate all the candidates for running issues-based, non-personal campaigns.* We have come a long way from some of the ugly campaigns of the past that were largely exercises in rock-throwing. While that sort of thing can be admittedly entertaining (especially if you're not the one dodging rocks!), it doesn't help perceptions of the Town or its government and those who participate in it.

I look forward to a strong turnout, and Happy Easter!

*my one caveat is that one of the candidate's surrogates has been engaging in some activities I would call deceptive. When your candidate decides not to run for the two-year Selectmen seat after having collected nomination signatures and opts to run against an incumbent Selectman for the three-year seat, it's pretty shady to approach some of the people who signed your two-year nomination papers and tell them "Oh we lost the first set of papers, could you sign them again." Granted the hoodwinked should have looked at the "replacement" papers more closely, but that's still not playing fair.

And it's also deceptive for the surrogate to trot all over town telling people that another sitting Selectman supports your candidate, when he most emphatically does not, as I reconfirmed this morning when I spoke with Patrick Tropeano. My hope in posting this is that the candidate will get wind of these activities and corral his surrogate - who is not even a Wareham resident - to prevent any future shenanigans.”


Mr. Slavin can’t handle his own election campaign himself? Of course he can. His cohort has done him no good, and has fooled no one.

Posted by: beingnice | Apr 02, 2018 05:50

Onsettogether, I see unpleasantness does not take a holiday.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Apr 02, 2018 08:31

Sounds like folks should listen to the candidates and disregard all surrogates. I have known Alan for a long time and had the priviledge of working with him on the BOS for several years. He can speak for himself.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Apr 02, 2018 11:31

Steve - As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." Alan Slavin's history of service to the town, not only as a selectman, but also as a member of a number of different town committees prior to being elected selectman...the positive comments I've heard from residents of  neighboring communities who have worked with him on a number of regional issues, and his approachability when he's out and about the town, all convey who he is as a person and how he serves Wareham as a selectman.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Apr 02, 2018 14:24

Beingnice Andrea Smith asked what the reference was. I said of course Mr. Slavin could speak for himself. Mr. Teitlebaum is slinging the mud sideways, not me.

Posted by: WWreader | Apr 02, 2018 17:54

Andrea, I completely agree with you. Mr. Slavin's record and actions speak for themselves.

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