Lynne Road home for mentally ill opens

By Jaime Rebhan | Oct 19, 2011
Photo by: Jaime Rebhan A June photo of the 7 Lynne Road home for the mentally ill.

A Lynne Road home for the mentally ill has opened for patients after homeowners failed to get a court injunction to stop the home from operating.

Neighbors say they're distraught, while officials from Rhode Island-based Fellowship Health Resources, which is operating the home, say they want to be a good neighbor.

The six-bed "therapeutic respite" program for patients with mental illnesses and disorders opened its doors to patients late last week. Patients, who are referred by the state Department of Mental Health, will live at the home for anywhere from a week to 30 days.

The Beaver Meadows Homeowners Association, which fought to stop the home from opening in the Swifts Beach neighborhood, was unsuccessful in its appeal of a Plymouth County Superior Court judge's September 12 decision not to issue an injunction to stop the operation of the home.

Sean Murphy, a homeowners' association trustee, said the group's case is still open and members are deliberating about how to proceed.

An injunction would have stopped the home from being leased for any purpose other than a single-family residence.

The homeowners' association, which covers cul-de-sacs Lynne Road and Bachant Way, sought civil court action in June against builder and 7 Lynne Road homeowner Jeff White. White had been renovating the home since last spring with plans to lease it to Fellowship.

The homeowners' association argued that the renovations White completed on the home violate the neighborhood's covenants.

The house's garage was converted into additional living space. Three bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom were added on to what was previously a three-bedroom ranch.

The homeowners also argued that White would be using the home for a "commercial purpose" - another violation of the covenants.

But the court disagreed, saying in its decision that White is not operating a commercial business because his business has nothing to do with the activity that occurs at the home.

Town officials have said from the beginning that there was nothing they could do to stop the home because it is exempt from zoning laws under the Dover Amendment, a law that provides a broad exemption to essentially all zoning laws for certain types of uses, including solar power, daycare, religious, agricultural, and educational facilities.

Town of Wareham attorneys agreed.

"There are a great line of cases that discuss educational components associated with mental health facilities or group homes of all types, shapes, and sizes. ... What the cases say universally is that it's not education in the classic sense. It's not just opening books and learning math and learning English and learning science," Town attorney Jason Talerman of Blatman Bobrowski & Mead explained at a June Board of Selectmen meeting. "It is the teaching of life skills, healthy eating skills, of other types of educational pursuits that help people function as contributing citizens to their community."

Neighbors have steadfastly opposed the home, saying they fear for their safety.

But Joseph Dziobek, President/CEO of Fellowship Health Resources, said he hopes the residents will soon accept the home into the neighborhood.

"We've seen this time and again that people have these fears and their first impulse is to try to block" the home, Dziobek said. "They may not be at the point where they're willing to sit down, work things out, smooth things over. ... At this point, I respect their decision, whatever it is, to either reach out or not."

Dziobek maintains that the home will be a positive presence in the community.

"I think we have an opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the Commonwealth how the program ... can work to better people in the area," he said, adding that Fellowship is planning to host a "coffee hour" for residents to encourage communication between all parties.

Neighbors were taken aback, however, by the presence of two police cars at the home on Monday, just days after the home first opened, said Jane Bracchi, whose property is the only one that abuts the home.

It could not be immediately confirmed why the police responded, but Selectmen Cara Winslow and Selectman Steve Holmes said at Tuesday's board meeting that they'd received calls from concerned residents about the incident.

"I'm not sure how we can assist these people," Winslow said, but noted that she would like the Board of Selectmen to see how it could "assist [residents] with being more comfortable in their neighborhood now that the home is open."

Dziobek said he "hadn't heard anything about" any police activity at the home.

Murphy said residents are keeping "a more watchful eye" in the neighborhood.

"[Monday's] incident doesn't mean it's a recurring incident," he noted. "We're just going to be a bit more mindful and make sure all the neighbors communicate. We all watch each other's kids anyway."

Bracchi, a mother of a young child, said she and her neighbors have asked the Wareham Public Schools transportation department to begin picking up students in front of their homes so they do not have to walk past the facility.

And, Bracchi said, a majority of the neighbors have chosen not to participate in Halloween festivities.

"We're boycotting handing out [Halloween] candy," she said. "We don't trust [the home] for our kids, so we don't want to entice kids from outside the neighborhood to come here."

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Posted by: 4ds75 | Oct 19, 2011 12:58

The police were called because the patient had wandered off and was considered a suicide risk.  Two cruisers looking for her, she was found 4 hours later.  Nice. What if she decided to harm herself and any of our children saw it??  Disgusting.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Oct 19, 2011 13:07

"But Joseph Dziobek, President/CEO of Fellowship Health Resources, said he hopes the residents will soon accept the home into the neighborhood." Right sure you do, you want the muss and fuss to end, you don't care about these neighbors if you cared then you would not work with contractors like Jeff White and you would not employ peole who LOVE Jeff White, one is unscrupulous and the others judgment is .. seriously in question based on her slavish devotion to Mr Whites kind heart."Fellowship is planning to host a "coffee hour" for residents to encourage communication between all parties." Good luck with this, you made your bed along with Jeff White and alienated everyone who has any sense of fair play along with anyone who folllows the rules so enjoy your coffee hour with your employees in the bed that you made.

Posted by: JBracchi | Oct 19, 2011 13:11

The following is the letter I sent to the TA and all BOS members along with Susuan Gifford and Marc Pacheco.


Kudos from Lynne Rd

I really thought that Wareham was a great choice to buy our house 6+ yrs ago. Being able to afford a brand new house in a quiet subdivision, just a short walk to the beach was a dream come true for us. "Beaver Meadows" was less than a year old when we bought our house. It was a quiet and safe neighborhood with lots of children for our youngest daughter to play with. Somewhere we thought we might be forever, or at least until our daughter graduated from high school. We loved it here.


Flash forward to January 2011. The house to our left was for sale for the second time in less than a year. The current owner bought the house out of foreclosure last June was now selling it. The house sold the end of April to Mr Jeff White. Construction took place immediately following.. How can this be? How can someone just buy a house already have a permit for construction ? Something didn't sit right.


Many calls were made to the town hall inquiring about the permit. I called to make sure there was indeed a valid permit for the work. What was the permit for? Did the owner get permission from our HOA before he got a permit from the town? How can a town that REQUIRES a HOA not mandate them? How is it that the very same town would not approve a shed permit for us without written consent from the HOA? Why did we need consent, but not Jeff White?


How is it that a non licensed building inspector is signing building permits? Why are no building permits posted anywhere on the town's website? Why did the seller take out a building permit for the prospective buyer because he was bullied into it? Why was Kevin Marden threatened with a lawsuit if he didn't comply to Mr White's wishes and how is that legal? Is this how deep pockets work? Is this common practice?


How is it that a greedy, selfish and arrogant excuse of a man is allowed to violate our covenants and do whatever he wants in our neighborhood. How can the town let this happen? How can the town let Jeff White purchase a home, renovate it, so he can lease it for the sole purpose of making money? This is a business. Surely the town wont allow a business to go in our quaint little cluster development riddled with children.


In comes the Dover Amendment. FellowshipHR, Mentally Ill, Drug addicted, schizophrenia, bipolar, sex offenders.


A therapeutic respite transitional home. 6 patients 7 - 30 days.


There is a place for these group homes and it's not in a quiet residential cluster development. This could have been DENIED!!


How many group homes will be enough for Wareham? I know of at least half a dozen.


***Did you know that a client went missing for more than 4 hrs on Monday, Oct 17th? Strange how not one neighbor was notified. Three 11 yr old children stepped off the bus to two police cruisers on their street to the rumors of a suicidal patient on the loose. Nice how the town looks out for it's residents.. There is currently one client at FHR at the moment with 4 workers. If 4 workers cant handle 1 client, how on God's green earth will they handle 6?***


Our entire neighborhood reached out to each and every one of you for help and for whatever reason, went unnoticed.



Home is where the heart is There is no sanctuary of virtue like home. Home is suppose to be a place you feel the safest.


All of this has been stolen from us. Our home is no longer our safe haven. Our home is a place we no longer long to be.


*Change is needed to fix the loop-hole in the Dover Amendment that these group homes are sliding in under*


I want to personally thank each and every one of you for taking part in ruining our peaceful family neighborhood. Our children want to thank you for taking away their freedom to play outside. Thank you for bringing down our property values. Thank you for making us prisoners in our own homes. Thank you for making buying a home in Wareham the biggest regret of our lives.


Thanks to you, we wont be able to sell our home we no longer wish to live in....Think about this the next time any of you are up for re-election.


Jane Bracchi

5 Lynne Rd.

Wareham, MA


Posted by: 4ds75 | Oct 19, 2011 13:18

I think Jane's letter really captures her feelings, as well as all the rest of us who are now "stuck" on Lynne Rd/Bachant Way because our homes are worthless. The first "patient" arrived on Friday and already had a major incident by Monday midday. This is a sign of worse things to come. This was NOT a good first impression!

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Oct 19, 2011 13:29

I missed this gem "Dziobek said he "hadn't heard anything about any police activity at the home" Great so the woman running the home has proven bad judgment and the whole company suffers from a serious lack of communication. See ya for for coffee hour, maybe we can discuss the terrible way that you do business and the terrible people you employ and the terrible vendors you do business with, well now that I think about it that way maybe I will join you for coffee. Could Wareham Week follow up with a question to the illustrious Mr Dziobek asking him if he plans on attending coffee hour or maybe no one gave him the date and time yet...

Posted by: Mum23 | Oct 19, 2011 13:37

This is just the beginning. Patient number 2 was brought in late morning. I'm guessing we'll be seeing the WPD agin by the end of the week. God help us all.

Posted by: Mum23 | Oct 19, 2011 13:41

Coffee hour? LOL That's probably the funniest thing I've heard. Surely he doesnt think anyone of the residents will actually join him for coffee. Well, come to think of it...there might be one. The only one in the neighborhood who was not opposed from the get go.


Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 19, 2011 13:47

I called Fellowship on Tuesday to ask if there was a plan in place to notify neighbors if a dangerous person was unaccounted for. "Jen" asked me "Who told you she was suicidal?" Really? Why should that matter. Just gpes to show you that Fellowship has no interest in being good neighbors.
When you have a suicidal person on the loose, if you were a good neighbor you would warn your neighbors before one of thier children stumbles upon one of your "residents". 

Posted by: Mum23 | Oct 19, 2011 13:49

Exactly peaches. Thankfully she didnt get a rope in hang herself on what of the trees in all the woods behind the house. That would have been real nice for all of our children to see! Total disregard for the neighbors...just as we suspected!


Posted by: Mum23 | Oct 19, 2011 13:50

one* of the trees


Posted by: Concerned75 | Oct 19, 2011 13:52

I remember visiting my friend Jane for the very first time at her home. I thought "Wow, this neighborhood is so adorable and peaceful, just minutes from the beach, what a wonderful place to raise a family". Goes to show how quickly things can change from the best to the worst. It's no longer peaceful, no longer safe, and now the residents feel powerless. It's so sad that their children can no longer maintain what was once their daily routine. Special arrangements have been made with their school bus, Halloween is no longer the joy it used to be, and everyone sleeps with one eye open. Mental illness is a wide include sex offenders. It only takes seconds for an irreversible tragic event to occur.....seconds in which the police can't possibly respond in time. No one in their right mind with a family will want to purchase a home now in that neighborhood. I have a friend from Bridgewater considering moving to Wareham. Considering I care about her very much, I will be advising her to consider anywhere else BUT Wareham. I think I will start by sharing this article with her. I will be checking quite often on Jane and her family, I am slowly watching the effects of stress on her and I'm deeply concerned. Unlike so many others....I have a conscience.

Posted by: taxpayer | Oct 19, 2011 14:01

I'm sure that generic written invitation to a coffee hour is what is sent out to every community AFTER they infiltrate and set up business.Mr. Diziobek,Pres/CEO of FHR is a knowledgeable ,hands on kind of guy...he didn't know how many patients...excuse me...clients where in the house or the police assistance to "the suicidal missing one." Does he know of the false fire alarms twice in one day?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 19, 2011 14:08

Oh, he knows, he just doesn't care. As long as he keeps collecting his 6 figure paycheck! Just sayin'

Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 19, 2011 15:22

Shameful. Just plain shameful!


Posted by: Noseyneighbor | Oct 19, 2011 16:05

We need to assure that this type of place and the greedy self serving SCUM such Dziobeck and White are not welcomed or allowed in our Town. We can't boycott them unless you are a drunk sex pervert but we could set up a protest and get on TV to let other Scum like Dziobeck and White know that they are not welcome. Hopefully by next time we will have a Town manager and building inspector that will do their jobs.

Posted by: Hissing Cobra | Oct 19, 2011 18:43

This is a damn shame. I don't even live in this neighborhood and I'm outraged. Did the owner of the property update his septic system to handle the extra 3 bedrooms and the additional bathroom?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 19, 2011 20:22

Town water and sewer :(

Posted by: resident | Oct 20, 2011 07:45

4DS75: Your home is not worthless because of this facility its simply because you chose to buy in Wareham. Sorry.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Oct 20, 2011 08:18

Elections have consequences.  That's something I've been trying to get people in this town to realize.  The consequences are often long lasting.  You're in this mess because years ago we had an incompetent board of selectmen that hired an incompetent TA.  That board has been shown the door, but the TA still remains.  Whoever is elected next year, make sure it is someone who will vote to not renew the TA's contract.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Oct 20, 2011 12:50

Sorry all but I disagree with your blame the TA in this situation. Prove that anyone could have done anything about this home being right where it is right now, prove it and then I will join the blame game. Some of you are using this issue to push your personal political agenda and it is disgusting. This is a terrible situation, nothing good about it but to use this type of situation to try and blame people who COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING is disgusting. Before you start to claim that I am not a resident or that I am a selectman or any other of your nonsense know this, I am also not happy with the TA and there are PLENTY of things that you could be complaining about when it comes to our current financial situation but to try to blame anyone but Jeff White and FHR for this situation is ... ridiculous. I still do not beleive that anyone in our town govt could have done anything, feel free to prove me wrong, I welcome any and all proof.

Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 20, 2011 14:19

More than likely, the town could not have prevented this type of home.  However, they certainly had the option to investigate further to see if Lynne Rd was a good fit for one. We all know how that turned out.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 20, 2011 14:48

Davidsgirl, the original permit should never have been issued without the approval of the HOA. This "cluster development" has covenants that have been registered with the town as well as the Registry of Deeds. There is actually a box that needs to be checked off on the building permit saying it was approved by the HOA.  The TA and Building Inspector Jerk, I mean Burke issued it anyway without HOA approval. If Burke has so much experience her certainly knew better.  You tell me why they allowed it, because I have no idea. Seems to me the only ones to benefit were the two on them. I will say it again...something is rotten in Denmark! 

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Oct 20, 2011 14:49

No they did not have any options, no options to explore the fit, no options period. If towns were given the option they would opt out which is why the Dover Amendment exists.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 20, 2011 14:53

Where is everyone's compassion. These people are not criminals. They are mentally ill and any support that can be given to them to help them is the responsibilty of the rest of us. If any of these neighbors who are so quicki to complain about them before ever even meeting a single one had a relative in this situation I'm sure the feelings would change.

 People are complaining because one of the new neighbors might be suicidal and the entire neighborhood wasn't told that person was out in the neighborhood. What gives the neighbors the right to know?  Do you think only people who live in group homes become suicidal? This is ridiculous. These new neighbors are most likely not gun toting, knife weilding people. How about the entire rest of Swifts Beach? Do we all have the right to know the character flaws of every single person in out midst?  How would you feel if you recieved a phone call demanding you tell the entire neighborhood every detail of each member of your household?  We  should remember that we are living in a society where we sure help each other and care about our fellow neighbor. At least give them a chance and remember that not every person who will reside there will be identical to the last. There will be some good ones and some bad ones... much like the people living in all of the rest of the houses in the area.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 20, 2011 14:55

They are hiding behind the Dover Amendment. In order to fall under it you have to have "schooling" if you will. They say that they do, but they have lied about that too. SHOCKER! They told us that the "clients" wouldn't even be around most of the day. They would be off at counseling and classes. In the next breath (when in benefitted them) they said they would be teaching them life skills in the home. Lies, lies and more lies!

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 20, 2011 15:03

Bozo, you have your facts all wrong. The suicidal woman was "missing" for several hours. If that doesn't concern you, it should. There are 20 children living out there with a "missing" suicidal woman on the loose. They were greeted off the school bus by a police search. Don't tell me you would be OK with that if they were your kids. Nobody is asking to know thier personal business, wanting to know if a dangerous person is missing is another story. The clients here are not just mentally ill. They are dual diagnosis (drug addicted AND mentally ill). They have not ruled out that a sex offender could be placed in the home. They are placed here for anywhere from 7  to 30 days because they are not stable enough to be in thier own homes. Does it make sense to you to put a home like that in a R1 residential dub-division? Have you not heard of the other cases in this state where a "missing" resident killed someone? We are only asking that we are informed when there is a danger to us or our children.

Posted by: Mum23 | Oct 20, 2011 15:09

Bozo, your comment is about as laughable as your name. You know nothing about the people who live in that neighborhood because if you had, you would know everyone in there knows someone or is related to someone with mental illness. Many also know a drug addict or too. Put it this way, I wouldn't want my own nephew living next door to me. So dont start with the pc bull$hit.

I'm sure you would have been happier than a clam knowing one of them was missing for almost 5 hrs on her 4th day. I'm sure you wouldn't have worried about your child, your niece or your neighbors kids safety. How do we know they're not carrying knives?

Posted by: resident | Oct 20, 2011 16:32

DG: your correct.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Oct 20, 2011 16:47

One last thing, I am a resident of Swifts Beach, not Lynne Rd but in the area. I am not thrilled by the placement of this home but I do believe that communities must make room for homes like this. I do not believe that Lynne is the appropriate place for this home. My biggest beef with this whole situation is that Jeff White bought the house with a plan and the plan was to thumb his nose at the HOA and the covenants and with FHR's blessing that is what he did. My personal sense of fair play is offended by what they did, I follow the rules like most of us so to know that a lowlife like Jeff White clearly doesn't and add to that fact that he is getting rich on MY TAX DOLLARS makes me sick and it is just not right. I cannot and will not blame the TA or Mr Burke or anyone else for this situation, I place the blame squarely on the people who I believe in my heart deserve the blame and that is Jeff White and FHR.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 21, 2011 18:59

Mum, I highly doubt that everyone in the neighborhood has had to deal with a loved one who has been in need of a 'stepping stone' residence such as this one.  I'm sorry you have a nephew who you care so little about that you would term this as bull$hit. Maybe if more families cared to help these people out they wouldn't need to rely on outsiders.  You dare call my comments laughable yet you come up with this jem.."How do we know they're not carrying knives?" What the Hell is that supposed to mean?  Does it mean that everyone who carries a knife is out to get you? Does it mean that the people living in that house would be harmles if they were carrying  a rifle, a hammer, an axe? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed to carry a pencil with a sharp point either.

  The bottom line is a simple one. Everyone in your neighborhood could potentially harm you. You never know what's going on with your neighbors. (There are plenty of parents who have lost children at the hands of a next door neighbor who was never diagnosed with a mental illness) These new neighbors are temporary ones and they will have people working with them to allow them to function better once they leave that house. Just think.. Any one of them could leave there and  possibly buy a house in your neighborhood where they could live permanently. They are people just like us and they have rights just like us. I wish them all the best and all the success in bringing themselves mack into mainstream society.

  You may refer to my comments as laughable. I refer to yours as selfish, classless, bizarre, rude, and most of all ignorant.  You could use a few lessons in humanity.

Posted by: P-SPAN | Oct 22, 2011 03:11

Bozo wrote: “You could use a few lessons in humanity”


Should their concern for the “patients” supersede their concern for their own families? ..or the investments they made in their homes? I wonder if you have your own home Bozo.. Do you know what it’s like to work hard to have good credit, and do all the things necessary to get a house? ..And once you have it..struggle to do anything you can to keep it. A house is the largest investment most people ever make. The bank owns it really.. So you have to hope to make all your payments over a long period of time. You hope that your house increases in value while you’re doing it. That hasn’t been the case for the past few years. Most people (I believe) would be lucky to break even if they tried to sell their homes these days. Do you think home values on Lynne Rd. will increase or decrease now that this “home” is there? Do you care? So empathy for the “clientele”..and Jeff White..and FHR is at a minimum for me. There were alot of things that went “wrong” in this process. Some people can act like the town had no say in the matter. Maybe in the long run they couldn’t have stopped it. But, Town Counsel (Bowen & Tallerman) said that they weren’t made aware of it in a timely enough fashion to offer any real assistance. Leaving it entirely on the homeowner’s association to “go it alone”. I also wonder if you have young children, Bozo. Who mean the world to you. Who’s safety is your top priority. This is a business where there shouldn’t be one. Increased traffic, and potentially dangerous “residents”. There’ll be new “residents” all the time..since their stay is limited. A “revolving door” of people with a history of dysfunction will not lead to the stability most of the homeowner’s want, expect (and deserve). Jeff White & FHR (IMO) are abusing the system that’s in place. Should people care about these people (they don’t even know) who’ve made bad decisions in their lives (to the point of needing to be in a “home” such as this)? Sure..yes.. But, should they “care” more about it than everything else they’ve worked so hard to attain? No, I don’t think so. The Dover Amendment (and the way it’s being “used”) needs some serious work, in my opinion.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 22, 2011 11:52

Hello P-Span. I totally agree with your comments about being concerned for your home and your family. Of course that should be your highest priority. It would also be mine.

   I do own my own home and have owned it for 22 years. I have raised three children here and constantly have anywhere between one and five young grandchildren visiting daily since all of my kids live nearby.

  I agree with you that the process may seem flawed however I can't imagine many people offering up their neighborhood as a place for a home such as this to be located. There is a need in our society for these homes and I believe we should all try to help our fellow neighbor no matter what their illness may be. I feel it is wrong of you to categorize all of these individuals as people who have made poor decisions. Mental illness can affect perfectly 'normal' people who have led good lives. We are now in a time where we have many heroes returning from war who have seen horrific things resulting in serious mental issues for them. There are women who led perfectly normal lives until they broke down mentally after years of abuse by their spouse or perhaps from the loss of a loved one. There are many causes for mental issues including but not limited to the poor choices some people make such as drug and alcohol use.

At this point there are questions to be addressed since the home is now open and occupied. Do we have reasons for concern? yes. Do we have reasons for panic? no.. at least not at this point. Is there anything that can be done to make our lives whole as a community? yes. 

  I have a few suggestions. Greet your new neighbors and their caregivers with a friendly hello instead of a scowl since this situation was not caused by any of the people you will now see on a daily basis. Try to get along with them as you would any new neighbor. After all this home could have been purchased by a registered sex offender which I would believe to be a little scarier but also legal.

 As far as home values go I understand your anxiety. I too would be concerned about that but the best you can do is to keep trying to think positive and work with these new neighbors instead of against them. I would not be angry at FHR. Their business is to supply these folks with a place to better themselves so they can again beocme healthy members of society. All they did was lease a house from a person who has enough money to find one for them. Would I be angry at Jeff White?  Absolutely. He is the cause for all of this. He found this location and jumped on it.  I'm sure he could have picked a better place without a homeowners association that he chose to ignore.  We all know there are more vacant properties available without the rules of an association but he chose to buy this one.

  At this point I think it would be best to try to think and act positively about this situation and try our best to make this work. Negativity might just lead to a break down of our own mental health and cause a need for our own homes to be in need of caregivers. Let's all hope for the best.

Posted by: watersprite | Oct 22, 2011 12:13

Last spring I made a comment that this situation was akin to someone dying and requiring the residents work through the stages of acceptance (Kuebler-Ross, "Death and Dying").  At the time, because of the circumstances and the way the matter had progressed unchecked, I suggested the group home was a done deal and the crucial next step was in moving through the stages of acceptance and incorporating a way to live with the death of the neighborhood as they knew it.  Everyone grieves on their own schedule, and some never actually get the stage of acceptance - they stay angry, they try to deny in the face of a reality, and they blame.

Blame Jeff White, but don't blame sick people for being sick.  Don't demonize the employees of the home for trying to do their jobs (unless, of course they do something dangerous or grossly wrong).  It's a sad situation, just like any unwanted death.  But its better for everyone if you come to grips with it, move forward with hope and confidence, and teach.

Posted by: James | Oct 22, 2011 13:45

Get a life will you. Your a bunch of sock puppets. It's done. It's over but your complaining. What's for lunch? When is the coffee ready. I'll be there. I read about a guy wanted for serious crimes hiding down in Swift Beach area and got caught. Then I saw guns, drugs, bullets, cash and drug paraphenelia several times in the paper recently down Swift Beach somewhere. How come none of you mentioned being worried about the drugs and guns a mile from Lynn Road? Is there some sort of  guideline you live by that says you shouild not be concerned about stray bullets or heavy drug traffic a mile away but you must feak out over a residential program teaching folks with a mental illness life skills? Must be one of the Dummies series. Judging bey the aweful comments by non-mentally ill neighbors, I'd have to conclude they are in more danger of you than you of them. You've already struck out at them. (Yes they can read). I haven't heard about one of "those people" calling you "nice". Why? Oh let's all have some coffee. Can we all just get along??


Posted by: justin beiber | Oct 22, 2011 16:18

What is a sock puupet?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 22, 2011 21:42

OK Bozo, I am going to make this really simple so even you can understand. Read very carefully. These clients are DUAL DIAGNOSIS. Google it and educate yourself before you spew any more of your B.S. These people CHOSE drugs and that is a bad decision. Try to keep up.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 22, 2011 22:07

Peaches,  ok. So they are dual diagnosis. That's quite common.  So 'they chose drugs (or alcohol).  Maybe you need to keep up since you obviously are just assuming that a drug problem led to the mental illness. In many cases it is quite the opposite. A mentally unstable person may  decide to drink in hopes of feeling better or as is the case alot, a person may become addicted to some of the very drugs that were prescribed to help them. Because they are diagnosed with more than one illness does not always mean they made a bad choice. Dual Diagnosis simply means they are in need of more specialized treament.

I wonder if you would fit into the category of being dually diagnosed..  Ignorant and uncaring seems to fit the bill.

Have you ever been informed of the fact that those who think they are above all the rest only have one way to go... DOWN. You may just find yourself asking the new neighbors of Lynne Road for help  as they pass you on their way UP.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 23, 2011 01:40

I agree with James, Watersprite, and Bozo you all make wonderful points. This is such a diverse town you need to except the fact that you bought a home in Wareham . There are murders,stabbings,people getting ran over crossing the street, and the list could goes on and on. There is so much to be concerned about. Are you people feeling okay, if you knew anything about the law sex offenders are leveled  under laws I,II,and III. These are strict rules,you should find out about them and educate yourself before you think there going into a respite home. You say peaches hmmm...dual diagnoses well I seem to think or maybe know that there are quite alot of people more likely women that consume more than there share of alcohol, hmmm... what are we to say to our children when they stutter, act funny, and maybe stumble when they step or fall down and kill themselves.  At least the people in the respite home are getting help for there problems.  They didn't become mentally ill because of there addictions they were just trying to feel better alot like others who drink alcohol. NO ONE asks to be an addict for cryin out loud. This town has a huge heroin population along with other drugs are you worried about that because people who are using are not stable they will break into your home, probably carry a knife, carjack you. NO ONE asks to have a heart attack ,diabetes,breast cancer,or  to be mentally ill. ANYONE, can have a breakdown in there life at anytime,even the ignorant. You talk about being educated in mental illness I find these comments  laughable and I am spewing (this word does not originally come from my mouth) this to you peaches you definitely need to get educated by someone who's in that field not your computer.  I can't seem to truly understand who you all are so angry at you talk about the town, FHR, the building inspector, the workers of the respite,the clients which one is it ? or is it that you are just very deeply angry people yourselves. Truly, you have nothing to fear but fear itself, oops that's borderline mental illness. Oh! all this anxiety your suffering from, yes that's part of the mental illness category. How often do you hear on the news about group homes any group homes with problems <NEVER>.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 23, 2011 10:56

Excuse me Bozo, when did I ever say that a drug problem led to mental illness?? I have a very dear friend who is bi-polar so get off your high horse and stop assuming I don't know anything about mental illness. He has been my friend for more than 20 years and I have never thought any less of him becuase of his illness. I know he didn't choose it.  You certainly chose the right screen name Bozo. If you and what comes around are so "for" this house and being good neighbors why don't you buy one of the houses that are currently for sale? I'm guessing you're a hypocrite and would NEVER do it.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 23, 2011 11:04
Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 23, 2011 12:01

peaches or should it be sour apples WOW 5 articles out of thousands of homes across this state, this town alone has something negative in the paper every week, if your not selling your home why dont you we need more decent people living in wareham, peaches you are a seriously disturbed individual, who is in definite need of some mental help or even help with their drinking problem. how does this feel being attacked by someone you dont know;dido for the respite home. its seems your cause to have this home remove is not going to happen, for you i feel no empathy you must act this way in your life as well, all your comment to other who do understand are smart ppl so hey what comes around goes around ha ha to the respite home i hope nothing but positive comes from it and these ppl can move on with there lives as usually when they leave there is nothing else to say

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 23, 2011 17:42

Peaches,  I'm not sure what your level of education is but by the way you interpret,or should I say misinterpret what you read you are not acting very intelligent.  Your suggestion of  simply buying one of the vacant houses in the neighborhood shows you are feeling you are backed into a corner when it comes to what you have left to offer.  You refer to another writer as a moron which shows also that you lack the ability to defend or explain your comments intelligently. To mention that you have a friend who is bipolar adds absolutely nothing to this topic. It's like talking apples and oranges.  Apples and Oranges might both be fruits but other than that they have no similarities. People who suffer from being bipolar  and people who suffer from say schitzophrenia coupled with being addicted to drugs or alcohol are both people with mental illnesses but the treatment for each is far from the same.   All this goes to show is how actually uniformed you are about what you are attempting to discuss.

Please attempt to get along with these new neighbors. It would be wondeful for them and certainly could give you a wealth of understanding about the people whom you share your space in this world.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 23, 2011 19:51

Bozo your comment was so perfect, thank you, finally peaches you have STOPPED with your comments...Clearly you and many others who live there are very hurt and angry and ready to tear anyone one up who chooses not to go along with you. We have a right to our own opinions. My opinion is clearly people with whatever mental illness have a right not to be ashamed, to get help and to move on.  Now  that the house is here to stay no judge will overturn this with an appeal, i'm sure your lawyer is very happy this came about and satisfied to take you for all your money your lawyer truly new from the get go there was no case.  i think anyone in that neighborhood needs to let the fhr offer some education to them.   whatever happened to love thy neighbor as thy self.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 23, 2011 19:51

Bozo your comment was so perfect, thank you, finally peaches you have STOPPED with your comments...Clearly you and many others who live there are very hurt and angry and ready to tear anyone one up who chooses not to go along with you. We have a right to our own opinions. My opinion is clearly people with whatever mental illness have a right not to be ashamed, to get help and to move on.  Now  that the house is here to stay no judge will overturn this with an appeal, i'm sure your lawyer is very happy this came about and satisfied to take you for all your money your lawyer truly new from the get go there was no case.  i think anyone in that neighborhood needs to let the fhr offer some education to them.   whatever happened to love thy neighbor as thy self.

Posted by: frogsrule | Oct 23, 2011 21:11

Isn't Myles Burke 18 months to get his certification up? Why is he still working? I also feel badly for those who suffer from mental illness but I have no pity for those who use drugs or commit crimes. This facility shelters dual diagnosed individuals for 7-30 days. It is a commercial business in a residential neighborhood.

Chief Stanley keeps telling us that he is ridding the community of the "undesirables" yet the non dynamic duo of Andrews and Burke basically invited them to stay on Lynne Road. I have a friend on Lynne Road who wasn't allowed to put up a shed without getting written permision from the HOA and no one thought to check with White as to whether the HOA approved of his commercial venture placing former drug addicts in a cluster development?

Please, if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am willing to sell you.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Oct 23, 2011 22:12

Frog, all of the hypocrites posting here don't care abour corrupt politics, they want us to welcome Fellowship into our neighborhood. I love people who talk out of both sides of thier mouths!

Posted by: bigbrother | Oct 24, 2011 07:01

I don't want to get off the subject here but frogs asked an important question. when the 18 months was up, Andrews said Burke would be out of a job if he didn't get certified. Does anyone know what's going on there? Are we still overpaying this guy? Is he looking for a new job? We deserve some answers. I hope the BOS ask this question tonight at their meeting. I'm not holding my breath though.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 24, 2011 12:02

Frog, By labelling people with an illness as undesirable shows a huge lack of caring for the human race in general. I would like to know what your definition of desirable is. If a neighbor decides to care for a parent with alzheimers, which could also be termed a mental illness, would you call that parent an undesirable because they may wander around alone at times and scare your child? If one of your neighbors goes into the hospital to bring a new life into the world and that child is born with a mental deficiency would you call that child an undesirable?  Do you feel that you have the right to pick and choose the personality traits for each and every person in your community?

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 24, 2011 18:35

Frog, do you know anything that goes on in a respite home that provides services for the mentally ill and dual diagnosed patients? Why are you blaming this residence for doing drugs and committing crimes?Do you live in WAREHAM I'm so worried about the general public this town is full of crime and drugs,do you worry about that?Do you think this residence is out scoring drugs for there patience lol come on, these people come there clean most likely from a hospital that deems them safe to themselves and others,most times they need some more time deal with there problems and insurances are not going to pay for hospitalization if there not suicidal any longer. They more than likely are not even aloud anything with caffeine. WAREHAM has a heroin clinic for a reason? DRUGS! Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink coffee? Do you smoke ?ALL very powerful drugs!!!!! This town on every street has someone that has either been hospitalized for there mental illness or has received treatment for it. It Can happen to ANYONE< even there or your child, and it might. Maybe all the people in WAREHAM who have been diagnosed with a mental illnesses or are in recovery for there addiction should have a parade on lynne rd. I think the residence who are so against a respite program would be quite amazed to find out how many people in this town would want a personal apology for all they have said about mental illness and dual diagnoses.

Posted by: OFD | Oct 24, 2011 22:32

There seems to be quite a few people in here with first hand knowledge of "mental illness".  WCAGA, you sound very knowledgable in that area. It's really too bad the Respite Home didn't come to your neighborhood. There's always next time.


Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 24, 2011 23:16

How can anyone take you seriously?  "scoring drugs for there patience"

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 25, 2011 10:08

dear inspector; its your choice to take me serious or not this is a comment page; my comment was to Frog with many other ? i ask; everyone is so concerned about dual diagnoses you all make it seem that there on drugs in that home HELLO read the post next time; to OFD how do you know it hasnt moved near me or that one may be near me? I'm so sorry for my opinions bother such a caring group of people; Peaches calls me raging and a hypocrite I believe your describing yourself.. I have a right to speak up for mentally ill people, I dont care what the town did really and yes I definitely believe this town is corrupt, but the facts are NO judge is going to close down that home, they've moved in and is functioning as it should...My opinion is my opinion plain and simple we do not have to agree and OFD thanks for the compliment I do know alot about mental illness I am very proud of that, Im educated in all aspects of mental illness and they Do need someone to stand up for them because often times they are unable to do it themselves. They got a disease that they never asked for and dont you think they would much rather not have it and I hope one day you can have compassion for people who do.

Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 25, 2011 12:11

HELLO, I  tried to decipher your post. I will admit having much difficulty understanding it as your grammar is atrocious. No one is saying there is no need for these types of homes. What I hear people saying is, there are much more suitable places for homes such as these. I dont agree with them being thrown in such close knit neighborhoods. The houses in there are much too close together as it is and the lots are very small. Now throw in a group home that isn't welcomed. It's only going to make for an unhealthy environment all around.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 25, 2011 15:09

The lots may be small Inspector but I will continue to stand by my earlier comments. You cannot pick and choose the pesonalities of any other family or group who wants to move in to your neighborhood. You get what you get. These residents will be there on a temporary basis in a home an organization has rented for them. This, or any other neighborhood property could be purchased permanently by a family of criminals or a family with a known sex offender and there would be nothing you could do about it.  I'm not at all saying I would be thrilled with the situation the Lynne Rd folks are in but I know I would do my best to give them an opportunity to feel welcome not that they are here.  You might just find that lending a helping hand might turn the whole situation around.  Thanksgivng is coming soon. Think of it's origin.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 25, 2011 15:13

Oh I didn't know this page had its own official Grammar police, when you sign on it never said anything about taking a test oh thats right your the inspector.  Do you live there? Do you drink alcohol? I love how the people in that neighborhood are so quick to call people names who leave posts, again I am entitled to my opinion. Wareham has all types of people, your children are going to grow up to be afraid of people with mental illnesses, bullies and BIGOTS like their parents. Have you thought to educate your children of mental illness. You just dont know how to handle a group home in the neighborhood get educated. Sorry the Dover amendment allows them to live anywhere, sorry to you if you dont like it . Have you any shame, are you religious, do you have any morals, you are not any better than any other person in this world, you should not judge thats gods job. And yes i wrote BIGOT if you dont know the meaning feel free to look it up.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 25, 2011 22:48

Whatcomesaround.....  My parents live on Lynne Road and they are NOT BIGOTS!! They are honest and hardworking people who's home is now worthless and will not sell.  Not sure if you know the history behind any of this so let me educate you.

*The Town of Wareham required that Lynne Road have a HOA 

*Your not even allowed to move your mailbox without asking the association but the permits were issued without HOA even knowing about it

*Mr Burke should not have been issuing permits as he is not qualified and the Town received a letter from the State On May 27th, 2011 questioning his qualifications. 

*Sex offenders will be allowed at this facility (do I need to say more)

I do believe that the Mental Ill do need help but this isnt about helping people for Jeff White or the Selectman in Wareham.  Its all about MONEY!!! I suggest you look into this yourself so you can see how everything about this is shady. The town of Wareham has the most corrupt selectman!! TIME TO VOTE THEM OUT

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 26, 2011 00:17

I agree that Wareham is corrupt from the selectman,thru the schools,even the police dept.  Jeff White is in the business of making money, aren't we all, I know lots of people who buy and rent properties,it's truly not my business how much money he makes. Please show me the proof that you have that sex offenders will going to the respite home I'm willing to look at your proof. Please people on Lynne Rd do not always follow the HOA rules. You say your parents live on Lynne RD well I'm sorry to say they are BIGOTS=bigots are people who treat members of groups like the mentally ill with HATRED and intolerance. It is time to vote the selectman out

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 26, 2011 10:15

The people of Lynne Road and the surrounding area cannot and should not be called bigots. They are all, very simply, afraid for the well being of their families and for the value of their properties. This is understandable. It's human nature to fear the unknown. As time goes by it will be determined whether this fear is for naught or warranted.   As I have repeatedly stated I feel that the best way to handle this situation now that the new neighbors have moved in is to treat them as you would any new neighbor. Cautious optimism at the very least.  A friendly wave, a handshake with a caregiver, or a just a smile in their direction may go a long way.  Scowls and finger pointing without valid reason  does not help anyone. As each day passes  without issue is a step forward to returning to a peaceful existence on Lynne Road.. and will ultimately restore peace and home values.

Posted by: James | Oct 27, 2011 17:07

I am in the market for a house. Thanks for the tip. Lynn Road is beautiful. I don't like some of the stuck up neighbors I've been listening to for months or some of the angry adults who my son will unfortunately meet. The houses sure look nice. I hope there is one nice person living on Lynn Road for the sake of the children living there. I'll be looking into buying. Oh, so you say there are some folks with a mental illness living in the hood? Name one neighborhood where no one is suffering from alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, depression, family dysfunction of some sort, marital problems, domestic abuse, anger issues, etc, etc, etc,... Welcome to the US. Believe me when I say this. You will see your neighborhood getting more attention, (behind closed doors for all the issues I mentioned) get more attention than #7 but if you see #7 getting what you see or view as negative attention, you could pray that the  person is okay. I'd do that for you if you were my neighbor. Somehow I think some of you lived behind closed doors for a long time because over the past year I've been reading this blog and it like hearing someone yell, "The mentally Ill are coming, the mentally ill are coming!!" I don't want to alarm you or anything. They have always been here!!! Why didn't any of you know this? You claim to be more intelligent than your readers as I watch you correct, point out, suggest, or insult someone's spelling or grammer because you can't think of anything intelligent or informed to say. Whenever the term mental illness is mentioned you people come out of the closets. Is this what you teach your own children? To stigmatize, insult, hurt, pre-judge, play judge and jury, then claim to be a better American than someone suffering or afflicted with schizophrenia, bi-polar, chronic depression, addiction?? I could go on but I know you all want me to stop.  Thank you to the new folks I see blogging here who feel the way I do. It's aweful to see adults hurting other adults in front of kids. They read too.


Posted by: Gimme Shelter | Oct 27, 2011 19:38

Right on, James. You nailed it. Everywhere you look there are drug dealers, sex offenders, people with mental health issues, alcoholics, etc, etc as pointed out in your post. This is my first comment on this matter, and what you wrote says it all. Time for everyone to put on their big boy and big girl pants, act like adults, teach your children to accept people as they are, and try to deal with this and everything else thrown at us in life as best as we can. Things don't always go the way we want them to. Make the best of the cards you are dealt.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 27, 2011 20:41

I think it's funny how all of the people who think this is a great area for this facility don't actually live on Lynne Road or the surrounding streets.  Its not about the people living inside its about how everything was done in such a shady matter.  How the permit was issued stating the HOA approved of the facility when no one was ever contacted. How permits were issued by someone the state says is not qualified to do so. How the citizens were kept in the dark by the selectman who could have just told them the truth.  The people who live on Lynne Road are great people.  Is it fair that the property values of their houses just went way down (I bet their taxes wont) Is it fair that their house and car insurance is going to go up now? And yes I have information for anyone that would like to see that Sex Offenders can live in the house.  This was all about who had the most money and who's pockets were filled.  Until you are put in this sitaution you should not assume the residents of Lynne Rd are bigots or horrible people. 

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 27, 2011 21:04

LMB.. Your funny. You obviously didn't read all of the posts before ranting.  You say it's about the process yet you finsih off by talking about the people in the house.  You say their property and CAR insurance rates will go up!  That's wrong! Check out the facts before you rspond to this please.  Nobody ever said sex offenders can't live there.  This may be a total shock to you but sex offenders can live in any house on any street they would like and there isn't a thing you can do about it.  Once again, since you didn't read my earlier posts, I don't feel the people are bigots who are now sharing their street with some new neighbors. They are simply nervous, scared and human. Only time will tell how these neighbors will be..... just like anyone else who moves into our neighborhoods.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 27, 2011 21:23

I have done my research and the property values of homes who live near these type of facilitys do drop, sometimes by 50%, I would be happy to share my info with you if you like.   You say only time will tell.  Well time did tell.... right away when a suicidal women "escaped" and was missing for 4 hrs.  She was the only resident at the time with 4 employees.  If they can't watch 1 person how will they handle 6? I suggest you look at the police records to see how many times the police have been called to the facility on Main Street.  I guess I am fustrated cause I dont understand how the citizens of Wareham don't care about how things were done by Jeff White (the builder), The Wareham selectman (especially Andrews) and Myles Burke.  Everything was done under the table so the citizens wouldn't find out until it was too late.  They had a right to be informed and Andrews and Burke did all they could do to hide things from them.  Politics at it's best! and until you are put in this same situation as these residents maybe you shouldn't respond!!

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 27, 2011 21:28

Yes, I would like for you to post the link to which you are referring. Your facts are absolutely incorrect!




Posted by: glenda | Oct 27, 2011 22:27


P-Span summed it up rather eloquently in a previous post. There are a lot of people backing the Beaver Meadows neighborhood. I can only imagine what it must be like for a group home to be dropped in a neighborhood without so much as a thought or concerns of the neighbors. That in my mind is ludicrous.

If these so called conservatives welcome group homes with open arms maybe they should be put next to them. I happen to also have a family member that lives in Beaver Meadows and I have had the pleasure of meeting many neighbors. I have met many neighbors at one time or another and I never came across a bigot.

That Group Home is not your typical "Group Home". It's a Therapeutic Respite Program. It's essentially a revolving door. The neighbors will never get a chance to know any of them. The neighbors will be lucky if they know the staff from the patients.. That home will have the potential to house more than 300 clients in one year. That's a lot of strangers coming and going isn't it? Having a family with issues is a big difference considering you have more of an opportunity to get to know them as they would be on a permanent basis. It's so easy for us to say how we would feel (being outside the neighborhood.) I can only imagine how nervous I would be if it happened to me. Maybe it is the fear of the "unknown" but not one person has the right to tell the neighbors how they should feel or act. The neighbors bought their homes with a HOA with strict rules they agreed to abide by when purchasing their homes. What Jeffrey White did to that neighborhood was disgraceful. Those neighbors didn't have a choice in the matter. That home was thrown at them and guess what? We as, MA tax payers are footing their bills! That really irks me. For anyone to say the neighbors should welcome the workers and clients with open arms and friendly hellos has got to be in la la land. Think about how you would feel is you purchased a home and later found out there was a business going to be dropped in the middle of your quiet little life. Yes, I said business. They may slide in under the Dover Amendment and the FHA but, it's clearly a business. FHR told the neighbors ythe home would look like every other home in there. You wont even know its a group home.....Seriously? Have you seen the pictures of the dozens of cars that are parked there daily? I don't know about you but, I surely would not greet the FHR with a friendly anything They have shown their true colors by their disrespect of the neighbors and they have yet to be in full operation for one month. I will end my post with this: Please dont judge others until you walk  in their shoes.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 27, 2011 22:57

LMB.. I will start and finish my response to you the same way... Please dont judge others until you walk in their shoes.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 27, 2011 22:58
Posted by: lmb | Oct 28, 2011 13:11


Thank you for you post! Thats exactly how the residents are feeling. You have captured what I was trying to say perfectly.  I am just so fustrated that these people chose an area with an HOA to protect themselves and it didn't matter!

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 29, 2011 00:04

JAMES I want to commend you on your post everything you wrote is so true, I am so glad there are people out there who realize that mentally ill people along with addicts ans etc, have been around us along.. thank you

LMB, do you not read your back posts first you say your parents live there in one post and then in another you go and post how you think it's funny that we post comment and do not even live on Lynne rd.  Here the big question DO YOU? You said your parents do. So what I'm saying to you is if you think we have no right to our opinion because we don't live there than NEITHER DO YOU! Also, LMB you must know that when a new development is built in Wareham it is required that they have an HOA.

You know to all those who worry about sex offenders well they can buy houses or could have bought the house on Lynne rd and there is nothing that anyone could do about that. One could buy one of the houses for sale you mentioned. No One would want it but it's true.

GLENDA you are so right it is not a regular GROUP HOME it is a Therapeutic Respite Home which means to you a revolving door to me is a safe home for individuals who are distressing and are almost ready to go home but are deemed safe to be out of a hospital. I'm glad they have homes like this, people are able to cope better without feeling institutionalized.

This is 2011 I would think people would be more accepting of others, everyone that starts off there post to blame the town or the owner ends up talking negatively about the home. You say cars are parking on the road, isn't that where there supposed to park. No one wants me to use the word bigot well okay but there is serious concern of how much anger and rage the people have judging by there posts on Lynne Rd. It's so sad. It is also concerning that the children of Lynne Rd know about how angry there parents are and the thing that are said about the home (we all know that children here all and there are no secrets in any home) for the sake of those children I hope it's not to late for how the effects of there parents behavior is going to affect there thought on the world and mentally ill people. It is truly a sad situation and I'm praying for the people on Lynne rd. may they have there deepest fears subside and may there children not be mentally harmed by there parents anger. Anger takes up alot of energy.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 29, 2011 00:04

JAMES I want to commend you on your post everything you wrote is so true, I am so glad there are people out there who realize that mentally ill people along with addicts ans etc, have been around us along.. thank you

LMB, do you not read your back posts first you say your parents live there in one post and then in another you go and post how you think it's funny that we post comment and do not even live on Lynne rd.  Here the big question DO YOU? You said your parents do. So what I'm saying to you is if you think we have no right to our opinion because we don't live there than NEITHER DO YOU! Also, LMB you must know that when a new development is built in Wareham it is required that they have an HOA.

You know to all those who worry about sex offenders well they can buy houses or could have bought the house on Lynne rd and there is nothing that anyone could do about that. One could buy one of the houses for sale you mentioned. No One would want it but it's true.

GLENDA you are so right it is not a regular GROUP HOME it is a Therapeutic Respite Home which means to you a revolving door to me is a safe home for individuals who are distressing and are almost ready to go home but are deemed safe to be out of a hospital. I'm glad they have homes like this, people are able to cope better without feeling institutionalized.

This is 2011 I would think people would be more accepting of others, everyone that starts off there post to blame the town or the owner ends up talking negatively about the home. You say cars are parking on the road, isn't that where there supposed to park. No one wants me to use the word bigot well okay but there is serious concern of how much anger and rage the people have judging by there posts on Lynne Rd. It's so sad. It is also concerning that the children of Lynne Rd know about how angry there parents are and the thing that are said about the home (we all know that children here all and there are no secrets in any home) for the sake of those children I hope it's not to late for how the effects of there parents behavior is going to affect there thought on the world and mentally ill people. It is truly a sad situation and I'm praying for the people on Lynne rd. may they have there deepest fears subside and may there children not be mentally harmed by there parents anger. Anger takes up alot of energy.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 29, 2011 12:29

Your right I don't live there (thank god) but I can speak out because my family does! Your also right that you and everyone else is entitled to their opinions on the matter. You can call me a bigot all you want because what you think of me doesn't really matter.  I will always stand by my family and the citizens of Lynne Rd.  It still shocks me that you don't see the bigger picture in all of this that the selectman, Andrews and Burke did all that they could to hide what was happening from the citizens in Wareham.  Maybe if  they had been honest and  up front things could have been different.  I suggest you look up Burke and Andrews and I promise you will find out some very interesting info on how they are screwing the town of Wareham.  Andwhatcomesaround- what are you talking about with the parking ?  I have never mentioned there being  a problem parking on Lynne Rd.!!

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 29, 2011 13:16

whatcomesaroundgoesaround:   Although I agree with most of what you say cold I ask a favor? Please check you usage of Their, There and They're. Aslo here and hear. Thank You!


Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 29, 2011 13:23

LMB just doesn't get it. I'm not sure why thie person thinks they have the right to be forwarned of who their neighbors are going to be. Everyone and anyone has the right to buy a home and either live in it or rent it out.  You say things may have turned out differently if everyone were told in advance.. I guess that means you and others would have prevented it. Sorry but you can't prevent people from living next to you.  The only thing that seems strange about this is that they were allowed to make changes to the house that go against the HOA rules. If that is your only issue I'm assuming you would be ok if the housing rules were met and just a couple of people moved in while leaving the house as it was originally built. Somehow I think your complaint is more about the actual people living there than about the rules that weren't followed to your liking. That is really the bigger picture you speak of. You just want to control who lives there more than what permits and rules are followed.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 29, 2011 15:05

I am going to say this 1 more time then I am done having this conversation with you!  HOA rules were broken, permits were issued by someone who according to the state was not certified to do so, permits were not legally placed where they should be during construction and residents that called to ask what was happening where given the silent treatment from Wareham towns administrators.  If corrupt politics is ok with you then enjoy Wareham cause thats what happening.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 29, 2011 16:39

bozo what do you mean cold i didn't understand and please lets stay with the point , i do not point out  peoples spelling or how they spell this has nothing to do with the topic  I am not perfect and never claimed to be,you also have many spelling errors bit that irrelevant.  i was assuming i really don't know for sure but if you were refering to the post being cold that was not may intention and we all read things and take things differently and if so that was not mt intention.    LMB- I do care what happens in wareham but the truth is this town has been corrupt for longer than i've lived here,  many people do not follow HOA rules, unfortunately you and your family will have to get used to a respite home on lynne rd unless they choose to move, and i totally agree with bozo that if you or that neighborhood had known maybe, possibly this home would not exists there, but again with the dover ammendment i think it still would be. Are you mad at the judge who sided for the home to exists also. that judge had the final say according to laws and it is what it is. to answer your question about the cars i am added to a community site on facebook where people talk about town issues and someone had posted pics of cars on lynne rd.  No One has to pay a price for that home being there as much as the patients who go there for help lets give them peace to heal.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 29, 2011 18:46

The problem with cars is that  Joseph Dziobek, President/CEO of Fellowship Health Resources has said he wants the house to "fit in" with the neighborhood.  They have been parking numerous cars up and down the street everyday and grass area (which BTW is against HOA policy).  A Lynne Road resident couldn't get his boat out his garage the other day because of the cars.  That doesn't seem like fitting in to me.  How can my parents be in peace in their home when someone who was sucidal has already "escaped" and was missing for 4hrs and the residents where not notified.  The Fellowship should have a procedure in place to notify the residents when something like this happens. At this point I feel we should agree that we disagree on this subject!


Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 29, 2011 21:02

LMB- honestly I due not know the rules of the HOA in the lynne rd neighbor hood. I can understand your concern about the car situation. I don't know if any one would have to notify the neighbors if someone is suicidal, In respite homes often it is not a locked facility they are not prisoners-they have locked facilitys at hospitals and they escape too. No one tells people on lynne rd how to run their life. No one tells me in my neighborhood if there going to consume alcohol beverages and then get behind a wheel or fall on there face or become violent and start a fight. No one will notify me;you are definitely right my favorite saying is we will have to agree to disagree, we are both entitled to our own opinion and thank you for sharing your with me!


Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 30, 2011 09:51

LMB. Good luck. You will never get it. You seem to like to be an instigator. You consider these people who are residing in a house in a neighborhood as prisoners. You refer to them as escaping if they leave their home without notifying you. You seem to think that a suicidal person is out to harm other people.  You complain because someone has thier car parked blocking a person who wants to move a boat. I see no reason why that person couldn't do the neighborly thing and ask someone to move thier car. Your looking for things to complain about where you have actually have few. You are becoming more and more petty due to the fact that you can't find real things to complain about. How many other construction projects in the town have put their permit in a wrong spot or not hung it up for the world to see at all? All I can say is people like you will continually have issues because you won't be happy without them. You want there to be problems so you can say 'see, I told you' 

I wish them all well and hope the new temporary residents enjoy thier home and get the much needed help it will offer them.

When these folks return to their productive lives and are more able to deal with the issues that put them in such a bad way I'm sure they will be grateful for the wonderful opportunities the good people of Wareham are giving them.  With any luck they may even be able to purchase one of the vacant homes on Lynne Road or the surrounding area and give the people of this new home the support they deserve. Who kows? That recovered in dividual might just be able to be the future president of the HOA and change some of the ridiculous rules  which promote unhealthy living.

Posted by: Noseyneighbor | Oct 30, 2011 11:51

Some of the comments here shed even more light as to why a treatment mills should not be allowed in residential settings. It is obvious that some who have commented here have attended and been released from such facilities with no result as observed in their loose grasp on reality.It is either that or someone has attended 1 to many ICP concerts. Such instability so close to others is alarming and dangerous.  

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 30, 2011 12:03

noseyneighbor sheds more light on the need for even more multi-use residences. Maybe with each permit issued for a development there should be a stipulation that at least one home should be reserved as a stepping stone for purposes such as the one at Lynne Road. I guess it will take these homes being pushed on people for them to realize that all people deserve to be helped and be happy... not just those to claim to be 'normal'.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 30, 2011 13:04

Nosy are you for real you seem very small minded. I agree with bozo every neighborhood should have a homes like these and eventually I believe they will. Nosy we may not agree with you but do not insult anyone you do not know again that just proves you need to have something to gripe about some people cannot get by without some kind of choas or turmoil, especially people who have control issues in there life but lucky for you they have treatment for that. Nosy have you even called the so called facility mill. Maybe you could arrange a time to visit you clearly need psychology 101. Have you taken the time to have a civilized conversation with some of the employees there? Not everyone who goes to a program like these is so unstable as you say. Some may have had a son murdered,father die,daughter struck by a car, YOU do not have the right to assume. NOSY and I assume that's your name for a reason; GET EDUCATED IN ALL ASPECT OF PSYCHOLOGY you need it. Please GET HELP your a very angry individual and that is dangerous and alarming. One more thing I think you have a loose grasp on reality that home is here to stay EXCEPT IT.

Posted by: The Gig is up | Oct 30, 2011 13:17

It is interesting how a couple of posters in here have such similar spelling, form etc....One actually outted herself as being added to a community page. Jeff White does not care about the well being of the mentally ill. He only cares about how much money he can profit off the home. He is a snake who abuses the system. He is no better than a person who abuses (for example) a "handicap" license plate, or the "tag" that hangs on the mirror. People should take a serious look at themselves before casting their opinions on others. Maybe if the person who abuses the handicap plate was an honest person and got the exercise that "able" people are capable of she wouldn't continue to look like a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 30, 2011 14:28

TGIU= are you serious!! I said I was added to a community page and I outed myself?( By the way its outed with one t) never said when and I never said who I was I could be anyone. Jeff White has nothing to do with this any longer a judge ruled for the home. Maybe you should focus on that. You lose. You lost the battle. We are all entitled to our opinion . I'm curious what a handicap plate and being honest has anything to do with a respite home. This last statement seems aweful personal to you "Maybe if the person who abuses the handicap plate was an honest person and got the exercise that "able" people are capable of she wouldn't continue to look like a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade," what does that have to do with anyone posting? With this statement you seem to maybe referring to somebody it seems a female and has nothing to do with that home.  Have you moved on from the respite home and and found a new target for your anger. Are you the type of person who is never happy without choas and turmoil that I spoke of in an earlier post. Maybe you should seek a psychotherapist to work on the many disturbing thoughts you are having, it may help you. You also write very feciciously, you seem bitter, please if you want to post on this subject stick to the topic.

Posted by: Noseyneighbor | Oct 30, 2011 15:32

I stand by my previous post, it is followed by even more proof to its validity. In addition to the lack of connection to the present and reality there seems to be a rage that is released with little or no provocation. This is probably due to the subjects realization that their corrective treatment was futile.  

Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 30, 2011 17:05

The phrase "Pink eye village" comes to mind while reading some of these posts.  It would explain a lot.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 30, 2011 19:51

Oh my God!  The use of the term 'pink eye village' absolutely explains alot.

For those who do't know this hateful and derogatory term is as follows:

1. pinkeye
An unclean, unkempt person living in a small home or trailer with several generations of family which results in inbreeding and it's related birth and developmental defects.

A pinkeye keeps his or her house and yard as unclean and unkempt as themselves. Trash, car parts, furniture and animals (often goats, chickens & ducks) fill a pinkeyes house and yard.

Because their yards are the black-eye of any neighborhood, most pinkeye's live in small clusters know as a "Pinkeye Village" (the most well-known of which is located in East Taunton, MA.)

Pinkeye does is in fact relate to the medical term pinkeye as both flourish in close quarters where there is little to no hygiene.

The term pinkeye is used almost exclusively in South-Eastern Massachusetts.


  pink-eye village  
1) The part of town where juckets live in large numbers.
2) The part of town where it is not uncommon for your dad to be your grandad, your brother and your cousin.

I guess we now have a clue as to why at least one of these posters feels the way theye do. They are a totally ignorant person.

What a horrible way to look at people!  It is a shame that in this day and age there is such a lack of acceptance for some of the people we walk past every day.

I'm sure a person who would refer to these new neighbors as 'pink eyes'  or the like would not be happy no matter who moved in.It's obvious that to this inspector gidget  anyone who is not a clone of him/her self would not be welcome in this house.

How disgusting.

Hey nosey... no provocation huh?

Posted by: fitethefite | Oct 30, 2011 19:54

WOW....."whatcomesoutofyourmouth,"  you are my garbage disposal.  it's unbelievable. Revolving Door of unstable individuals, upwards of 300 patients a year in a close-knit familial neighborhood and you want the neighborhood to welcome them!!!  You must be nuts.  N-E-V-E-R.  no wave, no friendly gesture.  won't ever know any of them and will never want to.  and, yes, we all deal with neighbors who are totally dysfunctional.  Believe you me:  we have one in our neighborhood already.  at least we can keep our eye out for them as they are always around and we know EXACTLY who they are.  I, quite frankly, am sick of paying for everybody else's "accommodations," while I struggle to keep my family afloat, these clients are being given every opportunity to try again and again and again to make it in the world.  Check out the stats on recovery/success rates of these individuals and these "respite" facilities.  GRIMM.  Hence, a lovely neighborhood with hard-working families trying to survive and now have chaos and uncertainty daily with patients coming and going and all different cars coming and going is tragic.  they will never be accepted.  E-V-E-R

Posted by: Inspector Gidget | Oct 30, 2011 20:31

Bozo, why do you jump to such conclusions?  I was not at all referring to the new neighbors at all. I was referring to a couple of posters. You know what they say happens when your assume.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 30, 2011 21:39

Why does the town bother making the residents pay and have an HOA if the Selectman, Andrews and Burkes can decide the rules don't apply when it fits them.  You can call me an instigator or any other name you choose but I refuse to cower to your rants.  I don't agree with letting dirty politicians get away with screwing the people who pay put them in office or pay their salary. The approval letter from the Planning Board to the developer for Lynne Road, who sought and was granted a “cluster” subdivision, is very clear.  It states, as a condition of permitting, the Town requires that the sub division have a Home Owners Association, which would protect the common areas and maintain the easements. It also states that no business or commercial activity would be allowed and, in compliance with the Planning Board’s conditions, these restrictions, amongst others, are contained within the HOA covenants. Andrews manipulated the time frames and meetings to accommodate the builder and Wareham broke the law by allowing Burke to sign permits illegally and continued to do so after he was ordered to stop.

Posted by: fitethefite | Oct 30, 2011 21:49

Did i hear that wednesday is Staff Mtg day for FHR?  What the hell?   If they are treating patients, what the hell are they doing having staff meetings there?  doesn't make sense to me.  is this a treatment center or headquarters for FHR?  oh, that's right!!! most likely the staff is all past patients who now work there to get their daily dose of therapy themselves so as not to relapse.  makes sense, right?  that would follow Dover rules:  schooling in a therapeutic daily treatment center and to be acclimated back to society after failing their 30-day stay in a hospital setting and are not ready for society.  so, now, let's bring them into a tiny cluster neighborhood with one way in and one way out.  no thanks.


Posted by: OFD | Oct 30, 2011 23:59

I thought Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti day. Maybe they have a cooking class on how to make spaghetti and eat it during their staff meeting.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Oct 31, 2011 00:10

I think my final comment on this will be brief. They are there. I'm happy for the hundreds who will get benefits from it. For the neighbors... Get used to it. Deal with it. They are here until they wish to leave.  Just like you! 

Posted by: OFD | Oct 31, 2011 00:26

Wow Bozo, you seem to talk from both sides of your mouth. You've got talent. I mean it's one thing to have an opinion but, yours seems to change like the weather.  See you on Wednesday.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 31, 2011 11:03

OFD-Bozo's opinion has never change, go back and read all the posts by Bozo, Bozo did nothing but stand up for what they believe in. What does a pink eye Village have to do with Lynne Rd are you afraid thats what it will become inspector your comments are purely simple or do you mean you have a nasty case of Pink EYE.

* this is for FIFI- let me get this straight I'm your garbage disposal, you feel the respite home is a revolving door, you believe one of you your neighbors is dysfunctional and you said we need to an eye on and you know Exactly who they are, that you are making so many accommodations for everyone, and your a hard- working family whom is struggling, and that the success rate of a respite home is not likely, I am so sorry you feel this way. A victim of your own misery, maybe you would be more successful hard-working family if you payed more attention to that, unfortunately people that go to respite home have a ILLNESS some continue on in there lives some do need repeat visits they have a ILLNESS just like people with cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, heart disease, they all have an ILLNESS that will never get better. You are paranoid by the respite home, paranoid over a neighbor, paranoia is awful it must take you alot of effort to keep up with all you do, did you ever think of moving oh yeah you can't afford it.   Maybe,you should write a letter to these people get some of that anger out, it sounds like your on the brink of a break down. Just trying to help. Please do yourself a favor don't ever except the respite home that does not affect my life. I just know my mother raised me to be a caring open person until a person makes faults on me. Your children are going to grow up paranoid also and question and judge everyone by the set or should I say the lack of morals and humanity you have. Don't make to many derogatory remarks this sounds to me close to a hate crime. You are not GOD he is and will be your final judge. Good Luck FIFI


Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Oct 31, 2011 11:09

lmb- You sound like a broken record. the people on lynne rd got duped. Jeff White new exactly what he was doing. He got the people on lynne rd fired up just like he knew was going to happen. Since they have the infamous HOA he knew like other neighborhoods before would come together to try to put a stop to it. He got them to foot the bill on lawyers and what not, and he still won. He new he would win, and he did. Nothing else matters now , but I do feel so terribly bad that lynne rd residence couldn't figure this out themselves.

Posted by: lmb | Oct 31, 2011 21:15

WOW I thought we agreed to disagree! I sound like a broken record because certain people can't seem to understand that hardworking citizens got screwed by the officials of Wareham.  You seem to not mind the dirty politics or you are friends with these horrible politicians!!  Your post makes it seem like you are calling the Lynne Rd residents stupid fro fighting against this.  Well they are not!! Why don't you explain to me why when the citizens asked for certain documents (which they were entitled to by law) they were ignored until it was to late! There is a lot more to this story then you seem to know.   You seem to think that because these residents don't want this type of home on their street that there mother's didn't raise them as good as your did?  You must get tired being so perfect and politically correct all the time.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Nov 01, 2011 00:19

LMB= we did agree to disagree what changed with you. You are all up in a tizzy. I said they got duped, yes they got screwed how else can I say it. I never said I agreed with it ever. I said Jeff White knew exactly what he was doing. Even with HOA's anyone in any town can get permits. Then they usually out of respect for there community tell and get permission from there HOA. There is alot more to the story than you seem to want to tell. The fact is I never said the people on Lynne rd were stupid for fighting this ( there entitled to do what they want)but they should of looked into it a little further is all, known of the Dover Amendment and knew they were never going to beat that. LMB-please my comment how my mother raised me to be accepting others and their faults does not and will never make me a perfect person, nor am I politically correct. I dont feel as though I should be personally attacked by other comments that address to me that I'm there garbage disposal. I do have a my own set of morals and beliefs treating any home with mentally ill, war veterans who suffer from PDSD,mentally challenged, any facility of that nature is inhumane and that has nothing to do with politics. I know your major concern seems to be about the government.I can't dwell on that its what it is it's just one persons opinion. Just like you are allowed to have yours...If you don't live with your parents why on gods great earth do you let politics in Wareham take over your conscience you do seem to know so much about the political aspect which is great but I don't get it.

Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Nov 01, 2011 08:54

i'm sorry I need to correct my statement:

I do have a my own set of morals and beliefs treating any home with mentally ill, war veterans who suffer from PDSD,mentally challenged, any facility of that nature is inhumane and that has nothing to do with politics.  What I meant to say is treating any of these programs in any offensive way in inhumane. No onw has to like them but they don't have to act hateful towards them. sorry for my blooper.

Posted by: lmb | Nov 01, 2011 20:36

 What don't you get? The corrupt politics bothers me cause I am very close to my parents and I am very sad they live in this horrible town!  I hope someday they will be able to sell their house and get the hell out of there.  My parents have never done anything to the people in the home but they do not feel safe and that breaks my heart.  You also say I haven't told the whole story and that is not true you are just choosing not to listen!! Only time will tell but from the events that have already happened since this BUSINESS has opened I am not putting much faith in it.  I am going to focus my energy on helping my parents and not debating this issue with you futher.  

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 01, 2011 22:31

LMB. You say that your parents have never done anything to those people in that house yet they do not feel safe.  Why is that?  Those poeple in that house haven't done anything to your parents either. I wouldn't be surprised by all of the paranoia in the neighborhood if the people moving in don't feel safe either. Maybe a good idea would be to seek some councelling for your parents to help them deal with their fears. Paranoia can be a horrible illness. I too feel bad for your parents. I sympathize with you. I wish you the best as you help your parents deal with thier issues.

Posted by: lmb | Nov 02, 2011 20:22

Does anyone know if a registered sex offender moves into the house if the police dept is responsible to notify the citizens of Wareham like they have to with other registered sex offenders?

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 02, 2011 21:45

I am not sure that the police are required to notify residents but the info on level two and three sex offenders is public record and easily found on the internet.

This link is also helpful:

If you look under public safety you will see a list of all of the level 3 sex offenders living and working in wareham with their detailed crimes. You will see there is already a level three sex offender living on swifts beach road.


Posted by: whatcomesaroundgoesaround | Nov 02, 2011 23:54

I'm definitely Not sticking up for sex offenders. I don't ever remember the police notifying anyone in town ever of where they work or live. They have posts at the police station, library, schools,online,etc there is one that lives on swifts beach road already. Maybe your parents or even you have gone for a walk right by that house and never new. I would keep a look out for new registers online that might help keep you informed.


Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 03, 2011 01:31

According to current regulations in Massachusetts, the police are also allowed to notify communities about Level 3 sex offenders through local publications and local cable television.

The following article should be very helpful concerning sex offenders.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Nov 03, 2011 06:25

The police may be "allowed" to notify communities about level 3 sex offenders, however, the WPD obviously decides that it isn't necessary to tell the neighbors of these people that they have registered to live in their neighborhood.  You are on your own on that one.  I had to find out on my own.  Maybe they post them at various places but I generally don't go to places like the police station, library and school.  I found the information online totally by accident.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 03, 2011 10:40

I make it a point to occasionally check the online web site. It's quite easy and only takes a few seconds to see if there are any updates. I would prefer to to do that and spread the word amongst my neighbors . The WPD has limited time and resources to handle the town. I feel it is my own responsibility to do what I need to do.

Posted by: lmb | Nov 03, 2011 20:55

Thanks everyone!  I know the police dept won't go door to door.   I was just wondering if the information would get online right away since these residents will be staying in the home 30 days or less.  Not sure if the facility has to register them with the town or if they even have to since it's for such a short time?

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 04, 2011 00:13

I'm mot sure if the management of the program have any responsibility to notify anyone or register anyone but the sex offender is required to register their whereabouts.

This might be a good question to look into though. I don't feel the person living at the home is required to notify anyone of their diagnosis medically or mentally however they certainly are required to comply with all laws if they are a registered sex offender.

Posted by: Bozotheclown | Nov 12, 2011 13:03

I am glad to see things are working out quite well in the neighborhood thus far.

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