'Last hurrah of summer' takes flight with Kite Festival

By Lydia Goerner | Sep 02, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Kerry O'Connor, 4, flies his kite at the third annual Kite Festival at Onset Beach.

Dragons, colorful birds and a blue whale swooped through the air at Onset Beach Saturday while hundreds watched, celebrating the third annual Kite Festival.

The festival began in 2015 and had around 40 attendees, said Eric Guillory, owner of Cape Cod Collectibles, which organizes the event with the Onset Bay Association. This year, Guillory estimated 400 people attended the Kite Festival.

The Onset Bay Association donated free kites for kids to decorate and learn to build. These kites were flown beside more professional ones, including a 24-foot blue whale kite flown by kite hobbyist Steve Lopes.

Lopes said he flies the whale “all the time” wherever he gets a chance. He also has a 42-foot jellyfish kite.

“It’s an inexpensive, fun thing to do with kids,” Lopes said. “It’s a great family activity.” Lopes said he has around $3,000 worth of kites and will continue to fly them until it’s too cold to be outside.

There was also face painting and metal detectors available to keep kids busy on the beach. Kat Jones, president of the Onset Bay Association, said the Kite Festival is always the “last hurrah of summer.” Guillory said it is an opportunity for families to relax and spend time together before school begins. He said the next Kite Festival is planned for spring 2018 because there is usually better wind earlier in the year.

Olivia Roark, 3, gets some help coloring her kite. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Juniper Cecil, 2, gets her kite to soar. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Steve Lopes brought his 24-foot blue whale kite. Lopes said flying kites is a hobby for him. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Annabella Donaghey, 14, and Sophia Donaghey, 12, build and decorate kites to fly for their first time at the Kite Festival. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Onset Beach had roughly 400 visitors for the Kite Festival on Saturday. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Georgia Hadley, 5, gets some help flying her kite. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
The whale kite drew attention from all over Onset Beach. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Claire Habicht, 6, flies the kite she decorated herself. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
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Posted by: desertsky | Sep 04, 2017 08:06

I'm pretty new to the area and would have liked to see this. I don't live in Onset part of town and didn't see anything about this festival BEFORE it happened. Is there a calendar of events someplace that I am missing? Obviously I missed the boat but don't remember reading anything about this beforehand in WW. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Posted by: desertsky | Sep 04, 2017 08:09

ok..I found the calendar to scroll thru on the front page here...never noticed it before. Assuming this would be the place to check weekly for stuff coming up

Posted by: BeachLover | Sep 04, 2017 08:32

There are three groups in Wareham that put on events.  Wareham Village Association, Onset Bay Association and Wareham Historical Society.  All gave websites.  Notices in local papers, rack cards and fliers are also placed.

Posted by: desertsky | Sep 05, 2017 07:43

great, thanks for the info.

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