Kudos to good Samaritan, Wareham Target staff for returning lost purse

Jun 07, 2017

To the Editor:

On the evening of May 17, I was with my daughter-in-law and 1-week-old grandson in her home in Mattapoisett. My son is currently a student in a master’s program at Rhode Island College and he does not arrive home on Wednesdays until almost 11 p.m. I was ready to leave for my drive home to southern Rhode Island, but my purse was nowhere to be found in her home or her car, which I had driven to the Wareham Target that afternoon for a quick errand.

My daughter-in-law had a C-section, and therefore I was needed to drive and lift the baby in and out of the car. In my new role as grammie and concerned about my brand new grandson, I lifted him into the car and left my purse in the carriage in the parking lot of Target.

Once we realized that when I was ready to leave, it was almost 10 p.m., closing time. We called and were told that someone would be waiting for us at the door of Target with my purse once I identified myself and explained the circumstances.

I want to thank the person, whoever you are, that found my purse and turned it into the store management of the Wareham Target that day.  Your honesty and integrity are needed in this world and I hope your kindness is returned to you ten-fold. I would next like to thank the employees of Target who waited after closing hours to hand me my purse. It was complete with my car keys, all identification, credit cards and cash. I was able to get home that night greatly relieved and grateful for people like you in this world. You make this world a better place. Thank you again.

Patricia McGauran

Wakefield, Rhode Island

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Posted by: Warehamlifer | Jun 11, 2017 08:15

What a great feeling reading this on a Sunday morning,just really was hoping to see something from WBTS OR SHAKESPEAR,oh well this must go against their normal beliefs of Wareham.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Jun 11, 2017 23:14

Funny, was having a conversation today about the myth and the reality of Massho----pardon me, Bay Staters.  He spent his whole life in Osterville (wherever that is) and I spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest.  He told me that BSers feel obliged to uphold the myth of being jerks, but when the chips are down, they're as golden as anyone.


I believe him.  A few years ago I had my pickup backed up to the front door where I was struggling to single-handedly wrestle a pellet stove onto a hand truck.  Some young guy stopped his minivan right in the street and told me to get out of his way--while his young daughter watched, he wrangled the stove through my front door and into the living room.  Then, poof, he was gone.  Thank goodness he left a tiny scratch on the front door.  It's a welcome reminder of his friendliness.


Yup, it was a classy person who turned in the purse.  Probably a Warehamite.  Not surprised at Target's help.  I've interviewed with them, and shop there often, and they're a class act, too.


I'm glad Patricia shared her story.

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