Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

By Upper Cape Realty | Dec 22, 2015
Photo by: Barbara Medeiros Follow Agent Albert on Instagram @bmedeiros489

UPPER CAPE REALTY: Decking the halls for the holidays can be fun for your family but it can also be dangerous for your pets.  Potentially dangerous situations can arise for your furry friends from decorations and gifts under the Christmas tree and even holiday feasts. Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe this holiday season:

• Cover the extra electrical cords and plugs with cord and outlet covers. Those cords look like new “chew toys” to your pets. Also make sure to tape down cords to help prevent shocks, burns or more serious injuries.

• Holiday table scraps aren't always a treat.  Dogs and cats do not have the same digestive systems or nutritional needs as people and they can get sick from many of the holiday-rich foods. Make sure to keep chocolate out of reach from animals. Chocolate contains the heart stimulant theobromine, which, even in small quantities, can be toxic to dogs and cats.

• Holiday décor may be harmless for humans, but can be unsafe for animals. Many of the holiday plants like mistletoe, holly berries and poinsettia plants are poisonous to pets. If you have them in your home use repellent sprays or a gates to help keep pets away from dangerous plants.


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