Judge drops cruelty charge against former Wareham Animal Control employee

By Jaime Rebhan | Aug 19, 2013

A judge has dismissed the animal cruelty charge against Wareham resident Anna Nelson, the former Animal Control employee who the Mass. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals accused of failing to provide proper veterinary care for her dog.

The MSPCA said it sought the animal cruelty charge after finding that Nelson's 10-year-old dog, a terrier mix, was "suffering from an undiagnosed disease and was severely underweight."

Bridget Norton Middleton of the Plymouth County District Attorney's office says Nelson's attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case in court, due to a lack of probable cause. The District Attorney's office opposed the motion, but ultimately, the judge allowed it.

“We presented the evidence against Anna Nelson in the most complete and compelling manner that we can," said MSPCA-Angell Law Enforcement Officer Chris Charbonneau. "Obviously we’re disappointed that the judge has decided to dismiss the case. But the decision is final and we’ll have to accept it and move on.”

Nelson worked for the Animal Control office in the summer of 2004, according to town records.

Nelson failed to attend her April 24 arraignment for the charge. Wareham Police arrested her three days later, and she was released after paying court fees. In June, the court scheduled a trial for September 10.

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Posted by: Haminator | Aug 20, 2013 14:31

this is a good example of why new laws like tougher gun laws would not work. our judges can do whatever they want with no consequences. this happens every day in our state. society and law abiding citizens suffer while criminals go free with little or no punishment. if judges would enforce the laws we have and give full sentences our crime rates would go down and our communities would be safer.

Posted by: rachal67 | Aug 20, 2013 15:39

No big surprise here, our courts are so lenient!!!!  Shame on this judge, you continue to do a disservice to our area!!  Probably the same judge who laughed with Dennis Murray during the case against him for animal cruelty.    Anna Nelson, not sure how you look yourself in the mirror each day, as for this community we look at you with total disgust!!! 

Thank you to the MSPCA Officer Chris Charbonneau, who has great passion and pride for his work, and for our current ACO Officers who are such a great asset to our community! 

Posted by: abusedlandlord | Aug 21, 2013 19:16

Nice job judge of Wareham so now you have just given everyone in the town of Wareham the right to make an animal suffer.  I suppose that was a court appointed attorney she had also?  Wonderful everyone can now neglect and oh why not abuse your animal no harm done no repercutions!   

Posted by: SGT | Aug 22, 2013 10:26

The judge is a fool.  He should receive the same treatment as the defenseless animal.  The person charged should also be kept as the animal was.  Both have given up their right to humane treatment.

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