Update: Yes, there is. Is there a New Contract with Onset Water Workers? Why hush hush?

By OnsetTogether | May 11, 2018
Source: OFWD

Through FOIA the new Memorandum of Agreement was obtained. It was signed on March 30, 2018. So why, last week, did Chairman Pike say, "we have no comment" on whether or not there is an agreement? Past Chairman Kleuber made an enormous deal insisting upon ratifying the firefighter contract within very few days, calling a Special Meeting Thanksgiving week to do this.  The water workers' contract isn't even on the warrant for the District Meeting May 21.

Along these lines, during negotiations, Water Commission Kowzic stated that "during union negotiations, on February 14, 2018,  he would like only one employee present to negotiate." He made a motion "that only one member of the bargaining unit attend future meetings." This was seconded and approved 3-0-0. This is illegal, the employer cannot interfere with the union's conduct of its own business and cannot dictate unilaterally the composition of the union's negotiations team.

Details of the new contract make be seen here.


End Update


Is there, or is there not, a new contract or at least memorandum of understanding with the Onset Water Department employees? Commissioners Hayes and Kowzic say yes. Prudential Committee chairman Pam Pike says "no comment." We have not been asked to ratify and it is not on the warrant. What's the story?

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Posted by: beingnice | May 19, 2018 17:24

Ummmm, maybe the Prudential Committee had no comment because it is a Water Commissioner agreement? Are there signatures from the Prudential Committee or just the Water Commissioners?  I also believe a memorandum of agreement is different than a contract and it does not have to be ratified.  Maybe you should have a lawyer to consult with before posting, I'm sure the District officials have.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | May 19, 2018 20:28

How much time do you spend looking for that "Aha!" moment?  From what I have seen, it seems to be a lot.  It's frustrating as a resident of this town coming on here every week and seeing another "I think I got 'em this time" post.  Move on.  Maybe try another hobby.  Fishing is nice this time of year.  You know, for actual fish, not for another conspiracy theory.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | May 20, 2018 22:05

Beingnice (who never is nice) and Change, if you are Onset voters, why do you not care about how your money is spent? When you have your Masters Degree in Labor Relations then you can tell me how it works, and whether the employer can dictate the union’s negotiating committee. The Prudential Committee holds all of the purse strings. If you are not Onset voters why do you read, let alone comment?

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | May 21, 2018 20:57

Onset, first off I too have a degree, but I won't pat myself on the back about it.  It isn't a matter of how this works, or that works, it's a matter of you arguing EVERYTHING that the Fire District does!  Choose your battles.  I see that you are certainly passionate about it all.  That is great.  However, do you remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf too many times?  People stopped listening, or caring.

Posted by: cranky pants | May 22, 2018 07:37

Many people have proven that having a college ID ( a degree ) does not make them any smarter or show that they possess stronger social skills than those who didn't attend a popular drinking university. Often times it increases the arrogance level and introduces ignorance.

Maybe 25 years ago having a degree really meant something, but in today's age it's not too uncommon to have people demonstrating that their prestigious certifications aren't worth the value of the paper it's printed on. Just saying...

Posted by: Uptohere | May 23, 2018 12:44

I appuld onset for wanting the best for Onset despite the arrogance and ignorance shown by some that seem more interested in keeping people in the dark to what goes on behind the curtain.

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