Inaugural Kite Festival soars

By Carolyn Bick | Sep 05, 2015
Photo by: Carolyn Bick Kenny Roark, 13, of New Bedford, prepares to release a kite.

It wasn’t hard to get things off the ground at the inaugural Kite Festival on Onset Beach Saturday afternoon.

Festival co-organizer Paul Ciccotelli said he and Onset Bay Association President Eleanor Martin worked on the festival off and on since June. Ciccotelli said more people attended the festival than he had expected.

“It’s small, it’s the first time,” Ciccotelli said. “We went online and looked up some of the other activities other kite festivals have had and stuff, but I don’t really feel like they are too much further ahead than we are.”

Ciccotelli said the festival cost the association nothing to put on because festival partner Eric Guillroy, owner of Cape Cod Collectibles in East Wareham, came down to the beach free of charge with more than 1200 kites to sell. The association also had 100 free kites for kids to draw on and fly.

“I want[ed] no kids to be kite-less today,” Ciccotelli said. “If they want[ed] a kite, we [had] kites for them. If they want[ed] to buy some nice kites from Cape Cod Collectibles, that’s great, too.”

Wareham resident Katie Wandry brought her son Aiden Alden, 8, and his friend Gabe, 8, to the festival. She said it was the first time she had ever flown a kite, but “got it up there pretty high.”

“Beginner’s luck,”she said. “I think they should have food … but, other than that, I think it’s pretty awesome.”

Kenny Roark, 13, of New Bedford, said he was at the event because his father knows Guillroy and wanted to show off some of his kites. Roark said he likes flying kites, but knows it can be frustrating for less experienced flyers.

“Today, it’s okay [to fly a kite],” Roark said. “It’s hard because the wind … dies down and not even five minutes later you’ll get a big wind and the kite will come right back down. It’s kind of difficult.”

Ciccotelli said he hoped this would be the first of many kite festivals to come, and that he already has some ideas about how to make any future kite festivals even better.

“I would like to have the kids’ stuff a little more organized,” Ciccotelli said.

Ciccotelli also said there were several kites he saw that he liked, but the “coolest” one, by far, was a replica of the Pilgrim ship, “Mayflower.”

“The ship [is] full sail, and then it’s got a couple wings off the side,” Ciccotelli said. “It’s just a giant ship. And it’s aerodynamic.”

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Posted by: BeachLover | Sep 06, 2015 08:26

Even though Mother Nature did not cooperate and give good wind this was a fun day for all at Onset Beach.  Thanks to Cape Cod Collectibles for all they did to make this event for kids of all ages.  They are on Cranberry Highway and worth stopping in to see all they offer.

Posted by: Zephyr | Sep 06, 2015 14:00

I wish Wareham Week would advertise these events ahead of time so people could make plans.  Obviously Carolyn Bick knew about it seeing that wrote about it here.  Would it be that much trouble to list these things under the "Calendar" section?  The more people that know about it, the more people that would show up and spend some money.  Come on Anne.

Posted by: WWreader | Sep 06, 2015 19:01

Just because you didn't see the previous article advertising this event doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Posted by: BeachLover | Sep 07, 2015 07:49

The event was written about ahead of time; listed on the OBA website; posted as an event on Facebook, fliers were out around town and AFrame in Onset listing details.  Wareham Week does great job keeping community informed of upcoming events!

Posted by: Zephyr | Sep 07, 2015 08:25

Too many web sites to check.  WW has a calendar section. Would it be that hard to post events on it?

Posted by: kmh0647 | Sep 11, 2015 09:30

I agree it could be posted in WW in the calendar section.  There are many people here for a couple of weeks without wifi...yes's called vacation.  If you don't have a smartphone and many don't...WW is where we turn.  I for one would to have this event be "Kites over Wareham" so that the several beach communities would "fly" the same day...just thinking ahead!

Posted by: WWreader | Sep 11, 2015 10:35

If you don't have wifi and you depend on the hard copy of WW for your info, then you might have seen the article OBA hopes to finish summer on a high note with the Kite Festival in last week's paper about this event . If you do get wifi, that article was online also. I don't believe the hard copy has a calendar section but a quarter page article seems sufficient to announce an event. The papers are free and so is the website. The idea of a town wide kite event is a good one. Maybe next year.

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