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By touchdown | Feb 15, 2012

This information comes from Mr. William Rosenberry, Elections Specialist, Office of the Secretary of State, Gavin:


"There is no mechanism in which a public official can rescind a resignation after it is filed with the Town Clerk's office.  In our opinion as soon as a letter of resignation is received by the town clerk's office, even if that resignation is for a date specific, as long as that resignation is effective prior to the Annual Town Election, that position is considered vacant for the purpose of the Annual Town Election and can be properly placed on the ballot."

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Posted by: WarehamThinker | Feb 15, 2012 17:31

This is from a report by Bobo the Clown cut and pasted by Touchie Party.  Until a reputable paper reports it, who knows if this is accurate or if this is actually what was said. 

Posted by: itruth | Feb 15, 2012 17:51

Yes, what a joke. If it were true why would he not add a copy of an official letter. This is just slager spinning his version of the conversation. If he only put half as much energy and time into working and supporting his family he would be so much better off. I will never understand why a man would be obsessed with a town he has never had anything to do with. I really feel bad for his wife and kids. I am sure they wish he would spend this obsessive time with them. You only get out what you put in!!!    Very said situation.

Posted by: Just a Taxpayer and Citizen | Feb 15, 2012 17:52

If the position is considered vacant, then the Selectmen who resigns should not be able to vote, second a motion, or make a motion. The position is vacant, correct?

Posted by: touchdown | Feb 15, 2012 18:05

For election day purposes, the position is vacant.  Mr. Schneider's resignation is not effective until March 31.  Prospective candidates can file papers and run campaigns once the Governor approves the bill up to the date of election.


Mr. Schneider retains his ability to sit as a Selectman until March 31.  Mr. Rosenberry is very clear on that point.


Nice try to muddy the water Wareham Thinker.  Better luck next time.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 15, 2012 18:14

Resignation is effective March 31.

Those wishing to confirm (or prove false) the quote posted above by Touchdown can do so by contacting the person to whom the quote has been attributed.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Feb 15, 2012 18:38

I've never seen any company who would put up with an employee saying "I'm going to resign on this day but I'm also going to dictate to you how my replacement is picked" so I'm not sure why Wareham should either. 

Posted by: touchdown | Feb 15, 2012 18:47

This is not a company, Wareham Thinker.  And Mr. Schneider is not dictating anything.  The BoS as a whole will decide this issue.  Gotta go now.  See you at the meeting.

Posted by: cv1952 | Feb 15, 2012 19:03

So Touchdown, just a question, Do you actually live in Wareham?

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Feb 15, 2012 19:10

Mike can't even be bothered to show up to the meeting he demanded to explain himself?  Only 6 days to take out papers and return them?  This is disgraceful. 

Posted by: cv1952 | Feb 15, 2012 19:34

Sad that the Move Wareham Forward PAC wont stop at anything to put such a vicious person back in office after the horrible things he did to this town when he was in office.

Posted by: touchdown | Feb 15, 2012 19:54

Take Back Wareham speaks again.

Posted by: Noseyneighbor | Feb 15, 2012 20:14

Touchdown, Do you live in Wareham?

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 15, 2012 22:25

You can always find a distraction if you're looking for one.
Tom Kite

Read more:

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 15, 2012 22:34

And what better distraction could there be than trying to guess the identity of someone who uses a "screen name" instead of their "given name" when posting a comment

Posted by: Onsetpiper | Feb 16, 2012 07:38

Well Andrea, a better distraction might be going off topic as you have done to try and discourage debate you disagree with. Maybe you should spend time actually trying to defend your partisan positions against the fusillade of facts aligned against your rabid rhetoric.

As for the topic at hand I think the Take Wareham Forward-Right Over the Cliff group will find this disgraceful ploy will backfire in a big way. I see people who were previously uninterested in Town politics very put off by their undemocratic ploys and tactics, and that can only be encouraging.

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