Harvest Ciccotelli, 28

Aug 08, 2017

Harvest Breeze Ciccotelli, 28, passed away Aug. 1 after a long race between intellect and opioid addition. Harvest is the son of Paul G. Ciccotelli (originally of Canton) and Patricia Ann (Weaver) Ciccotelli (originally of Hamilton, Ohio) Harvest was born at Nantucket Cottage Hospital in October, 1988.

Harvest was a talented musician, audio engineer, singer and composer who inspired many friends to choose the arts as a career path. He pursued interests in theoretical physics and the explaining of science to all. He was a stickler for the English language and a champion of the wronged and maligned.

He leaves behind his loving parents and grandmother, Marie Ciccotelli, longtime girlfriend Caty Bryant, uncle Ernest and cousins Ethan and Dylan Ciccotelli, uncle John, Aunts Za, Deb and Tricia and cousin Nathanial Ciccotelli and uncle Chuck, aunt Rosemary and cousins Sara and Jared Topie, and cousins Jamie and Melissa Jacoby, uncle Michael, aunts Terri, Susan and cousins Todd, Michael Todd Weaver, uncle Rob and aunt Terri Weaver, uncle Chris Engel and aunt Tish Ciccotelli.

A memorial-celebration service will be held at the Old Methodist Meeting House (this is a non-religious meeting place), located at 495 Main St. in Wareham, across from the town green, from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Regards and memories will begin at noon, and will be interspersed with music by friends of Harvest. Anyone who knew him and would like to play or say something are welcome. Guitar, amp and a PA will be available for those whom the spirit moves spontaneously.
 A reception will be held at Engelnook Farm after the service, directions will be available at the meeting house. Food will be served but feel free to share a favorite dish.


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Posted by: David Ricci | Aug 09, 2017 13:13

Deepest Condolences and my respect for your truthfulness.

Posted by: SammieJfive | Aug 10, 2017 14:37

My deepest condolences for the entire family. As a recovering addict, I appreciate that you chose to give the reason for Harvest's passing. If more family's were willing to follow your honesty, it may make an important impact to others with addiction who read this publication......and may be a wake up call. If only one life is saved, then Harvest's death was not in vain. I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute you have planned to celebrate his life.

Posted by: Uns3529 | Aug 12, 2017 21:47

Today was such a beautiful tribute to Harvest.

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