'Guardian angel' waitress lauded for turning over $2,000

By Matthew Bernat | Apr 24, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat From left: Jessica Savageau, Neil and Pamela McIsaac reunite Sunday. The McIsaacs learned that Savageau had turned in an envelope holding $2,000 cash Neil misplaced on Easter.

This is a lost and found story with the happiest of endings.

It involves a missing envelope with $2,000 cash, a teenaged waitress with a rock-solid moral compass and one gratefully astonished Wareham man.

On Easter morning, Wareham High School senior Jessica Savageau started her first day as a waitress at the Riverside Cafe on Main Street. While cleaning up a table, the corner one, located to your left as you walk in, she found an envelope. Inside, there was $2,000 cash.

Without hesitation, she notified her boss and the staff counted the money before turning it over to Wareham Police.

Later that same day, Neil McIsaac, of Wareham, came to the unfortunate realization an envelope of cash he earned from plowing this winter was missing.

“I though it was gone for good,” said McIsaac, adding the cash was earmarked for several bills. “I’m never going to see it again.”

He planned to deposit the money after visiting the Raynham Flea Market, which is where he thought the money had been left. It turns out, the envelope fell from his back pocket while he reached for his phone in the restaurant, McIsaac realized later.

Unbeknownst to him, the cash – every last dollar – was safely inside the Wareham Police Department, courtesy of Savageau.

Eventually, word got back to him that the cash had been found at the restaurant and he went to the station where it was returned.

On Sunday, McIsaac and his wife Pamela returned to the Riverside Cafe for breakfast and a chance to thank Savageau in person.

“I’ve never met anyone so honest before,” said Neil. “You don’t often find people with that kind of integrity. She’s going to go far in life.”

“She’s our guardian angel,” said Pamela, before giving Savageau a hug Sunday morning.

Savageau said she plans to attend Unity College in Maine this fall to study conservation. She credited her mom for teaching her right from wrong.

“I realized, that’s someone’s life right there,” Savageau said about finding the cash. “You never know what it could be for – rent, a car payment, anything really. Taking it could have really hurt someone.”

While Savageau learned that lesson from her mom, she was the one who put it to practice when faced with a tempting decision.

“We couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Julie Phillips, the owner of the Riverside Cafe.

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Posted by: Chaka | Apr 24, 2017 14:23

Jessica sauvageau, you are one impressive lady! May all that good karma follow you through life.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Apr 25, 2017 12:15

Good people doing good things often don't get the same recognition in the comment section as bad people doing bad things.  I'll admit to being a part of that.  Probably because I have high expectations.  We need more people like Jessica.


This is great!   Jessica did the right thing and the feeling she got knowing it was returned to Mr. McIsaac was certainly better than anything else.  I found and returned a wallet once and a briefcase another time when I was a kid.  I still feel good about how happy the owners were.  It pays to do the right things in life!

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