Got bugs?

Does your PC -- laptop or desktop -- have some issues? Behave like it might have picked up a virus or two during all those trips out to the internet?

Head to the Wareham VillageSoup auction site and bid on our latest offering: a full PC tune-up and virus removal from The Computer Guru in Buzzards Bay. A $100 value, bidding starts at just $50!

While at the auction, check out what's also on the block: Pet grooming, pizza, hair styling, storage space, and much more . . .

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Posted by: Lou Spagnuolo | Oct 01, 2010 09:47

Hello Everyone, This is The Computer Guru, I thought I would provide more info on the service for this certificate. The certificate is for Virus scanning and removal as well as a complete tune-up.  The Virus cleaning is easy to understand.  We scan, find and remove viruses through-out the computer.  The tune-up is a bit more comprehensive.  The computer is reviewed for the most up-to-date device drivers, software updates, security updates/fixes and any other updates offered by Microsoft and your hardware vendor.  It also includes complete system diagnostics from memory and hard drive testing to individual component testing such as your video card, usb ports, etc..  The complete health of your computer is evaluated.  For any other questions feel free to contact us.

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