Going up! Municipal Maintenance workers install new Main Street signs

By Jaime Rebhan | Aug 14, 2013
Photo by: Jaime Rebhan Municipal Maintenance workers install new banners on Main Street poles on Wednesday, August 14.

Municipal Maintenance workers installed Main Street's new streetlight banners on Wednesday.

The "Welcome to Wareham" banners are now hanging from the streetlights installed during Main Street's "Streetscape" beautification project.

Community and Economic Development Authority Director Salvador Pina had the banners designed earlier this summer and ordered one for each of the new poles.

The banners, which are blue with a swan graphic, welcome residents and visitors to Wareham and read, "Live, Work, Play."

The "live, work, play" philosophy is being promoted by the Community and Economic Development Authority in an effort to invite residents and visitors to invest in the community year-round.

Pina said he hopes to have streetlight banners made for each season. The town had banners for its previous streetlights, but unfortunately, they did not fit the new poles.

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Posted by: bob | Aug 14, 2013 12:56


Posted by: marygrnhse | Aug 14, 2013 22:41

We lost the crosswalk between Cumberland Farms and the Chinese restaurant. I tried using the new crosswalk opposite Hess Gas but the cars whip around the corner from the Narrows Bridge so fast that I'll never use that crosswalk again.


Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Aug 15, 2013 07:21

I Agree completely Mary.  Another planning nightmare that will get someone hurt someday.  More of the same, really, when it comes to this project.

Posted by: harrythebarber | Aug 15, 2013 07:44

Mr Pina has made the rounds, trying to sell this mistake to disgruntled business owners while justifying his existence...where's the "safety" in this part of the "shovel-ready" project?

Posted by: barnstorm | Aug 15, 2013 07:45

I also concur with "Mary.."and"Wants.." posts here. Maybe a speed bump is needed at that corner before we get another run over by these moronic drivers. What a waste of money and poor planning by Pina and Co..More concern for image over safety it seems.

Posted by: barnstorm | Aug 15, 2013 07:49

Right on as well," Harry.."!

Posted by: justin beiber | Aug 15, 2013 13:47


Granted, there are some kinks in the redesign, which I'm sure will be addressed.

Those banners, however, look great.

Nothing is accomplished by badmouthing the CEDA director.

It takes a village.

Posted by: zinzindorff9 | Aug 15, 2013 19:01

Common sense dictates no "speed bumps" on a downtown main street.  However folks are right that the only folks crossing Main at that location are crossing to the Chinese "take out" from the Cumberland Farm parking lot they are using when no street parking is available in the area.

So, just move the crosswalk to that area and give folks coming around the turn to easily give way to folks in the crosswalk.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Aug 15, 2013 20:17

I believe there is a crosswalk a little past the Cumbies parking lot as well.  Much safer location.

Posted by: Dick Paulsen | Aug 18, 2013 17:19

How about a pedestrian bridge?  That would accomplish several things. Keep CEDA occupied spending public monies first on a study, then building it and then possibly correcting the problem.  "Possibly?" Well, it would have to be high enough for semi-trailers to come rumbling through, so say 20 feet.  Up then down.  Tired yet?



And before the readership arises en mass to decry the idea, in a plan going back 6 years, we paid a consultant, who among other ideas, was all hot to trot on building tunnels under the railroad tracks to get to the shoreline, so a bridge, while novel, is not without a sort of precedent in the town.


And while on the subject of consultants, what about a scorecard going back, oh let's say 20 years, what was the project, how much did it cost and then what grade would we give it.


Dear reader, what grade would you guess I would have given tunnels under the tracks? Imagine the headlines, "two hold ups in lakeside tunnel last week, police promise 24 hour patrols with hiring of new recruits." Or "falling debris from overhead trains injures elderly man who just happened to have his lawyer with him."


Ones imagination can literally run wild with the possibilities.  But paint the old town hall, come up with a comprehensive plan for Agawam Village, remember we only have limited funds, we have obligations, like the debt service on Tremont Nail, who cares how the town looks, or if some seniors are living in hovels.


Only in Wareham.  That would have been appropriate for the street signs.

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