Girls softball looks to improve midway through season

By Matthew Bernat | May 10, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Molly Johnson, left, practices with the Wareham girls softball team on Tuesday.

With a new coach and a youthful roster, the Wareham girls softball team hopes to hit its stride midway through the season.

“Our bats are taking some time to heat up,” said Coach Nicki Henrique. “But we’re staying positive, the girls are making fewer mistakes and we’re keeping our heads high.”

Halfway through the season, the team is 2-6. But it has yet to play several teams in its division. Henrique said wins against division rivals would send the team into the playoffs.

Henrique took over for previous coach Janine Goulet this year. This season, the team started accepting eighth grade students and four are playing. There are no juniors and just a handful of seniors, including captains Gabby Lefrancois and Kendall Baptiste, a catcher and pitcher, respectively.

Both have played for the last four years. This year, the focus has been on getting the younger players up to speed, they said.

“There have been a lot of mental mistakes, it’s about getting teammates to focus,” said Baptiste.

They agreed there has been lots of progress, however.

“We are getting better as the season goes on,” said Lefrancois. “We’ve gotten more consistent this year and the program has gotten better and better every year since I joined the team.”

Katelyn Banalewicz bats during practice on Tuesday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Kendall Baptiste, a captain, practices her pitching. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Captain Gabby Lefrancois catches during Tuesday's practice. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Phredzzz | May 11, 2018 16:52

Hopefully this coach will learn from the previous coaches who NEVER developed a Bench and NEVER developed the skills of good Players who could have become very decent players with just a little coaching. The previous coaches let their Bench Players ROT on the bench and would not even put them in as Sub's when Wareham was losing a game by 5 or 6 runs late into the game. The end result was; most of the marginal Players quit or were conveniently sick or out of town on Game-days. When the Coach needed a decent Player to fill in for an injured Player, Her Sub's were nowhere to be found. WE even watched the previous Coach Play Favorites with a few 7th and 8th Graders who were injected into the lineup with Losing Results ahead of faithful Girls who Sat the bench; invisible and ignored Year-after-Year. It was PATHETIC to witness and the epitome of everything that is wrong about Public School Athletic Programs. Hopefully, a new coach can mean a NEW beginning for the Wareham Athletic Department.

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