First Spiritualist Church's Psychic Faire features good vibes

By Matthew Bernat | Apr 09, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat A woman visits with a psychic at Saturday's Holistic Psychic Faire, which raises funds for the First Spiritualist Church.

Some scoff at psychics, others put complete faith in them, but a crystal ball wasn’t needed to see the positive energy among those who attended Saturday’s Holistic Psychic Faire.

“People leave here much happier than when they first arrive,” said Larry Becker, a member of Onset’s First Spiritualist Church.

For the past 16 years, church members have organized the bi-annual fair, which serves as their primary fundraiser. Founded in 1903, the nondenominational church preaches that there is life after death and that the living may communicate with the dead through mediums.

Becker said the small, yet active, church welcomes people of all faiths to its Sunday evening services, which features prayer, mediumship and healing sessions and a communal meal.

“There’s no dogma. People can believe what they want to believe and we don’t deal with anything negative,” said Becker.

This year, the faire was held in the Elks Lodge on Cranberry Highway and attracted a couple hundred people. Visitors had 25 psychic readers to seek guidance from while 22 vendors selling a variety of goods, such as crystals, stones, jewelry, salt lamps, medication cushions and more were on hand.

One vendor, Diane Precourt of Mashpee, was selling handcrafted meditation cushions. The cushions are filled with buckwheat in accordance with Japanese tradition.

For her business, called Buddha Buns, she also sells neck pillows, bags filled with herbs such has lavender and more. Precourt said she looks forward to the faire every year.

“This is great, it’s always busy and the people are so positive,” she said.

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Karen Luscombe sells healing gemstones to a customer at Saturday's faire. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Gems for sale by Brad and Karen Luscombe of Brockton. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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