First Lobsterbacks, now Lazy Lobsters

By Austin Adams | Jun 15, 2014
Photo by: Austin Adams The starters of the 2nd Annual Lazy Lobster 5/10 Mile Race. Lindsay Amherst (Center, bib no. 701) later finished first in the 10-mile race.

Only a day after the English Lobsterbacks vacated the town, a different kind of lobster has taken up residence for the day – the running kind.

Early in the morning, hundreds of participants lined up outside of Decas Elementary School to compete in the 2nd annual Lazy Lobster 5/10 Mile race.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said runner Ray Walsh. “The weather is perfect for a race.”

Indeed, the warm summer temperatures and light breeze were remarked on by many as being ideal conditions for the Lazy Lobster’s second running. In addition to the standard race there was also a children’s division and a wheelchair component.

Out-of-towners Abbie Fekade-Sellassie and Kelly Dawson were excited to get out on the course, despite being a little lost.

“We don’t even know where we are,” says Dawson with a laugh.

“We just can’t wait to get started and enjoy this beautiful day,” added Fekade-Sellassie, who later finished in a dead tie for second in the 10-mile race.

The race, like most large events in Wareham, draws many people from out of town. Last year, the vast majority of the runners were non-residents.

“We’re out here with the GPS and a map like, ‘where are we?’” says Fekade-Sellassie. “But really we’re just ready to get out there and enjoy the race!”

The 5-mile race was won by Nick Ryan of Wareham with a time of 33:28, closely followed by Joe Connelly of Team Triumph at 33:30 and David Lusignan of Woodstock, CT at 33:31.

Lindsay Amherst of Pawtucket, RI took the top spot in the 10-mile with a time of 1:05:12, followed by Andrew Perez of Plymouth and Abbie Fekade-Sellassie of Silver Spring, MD, who tied at 1:06:47.

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