Fireworks light up Onset Bay

By Meghan Neely | Jul 07, 2018
Meghan Neely Waiting for the firework show to begin, a girl plays with a sparkler on Onset Beach.

Fireworks celebrating Independence Day lit up the sky in Onset Bay on Saturday, July 7.

The event drew hundreds to the beach and downtown Onset, prompting Wareham Police to close Onset Avenue and surrounding roads to traffic for most of the evening.

"It's one of the biggest events we see," said Acting Wareham Police Chief John Walcek.

Wareham Police, Wareham Fire and Onset Fire Districts worked together to ensure the safety of firework goers from their first ever mobile command center on Union Avenue.

The command center, provided by the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, allowed emergency personnel to have a separate dispatch specifically for the fireworks.

"You can never be too careful in today's world," said Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin. "And this is the best setup we've ever had."

A lack of funds had previously canceled the show, but this year the Onset Bay Association managed to raise $40,000 for the event's return.

“Clearly, the fireworks mean so much to a lot of people,” said Onset Bay Association President Kat Jones.

Leftover funds from this year's event will go towards future shows, keeping the skies over Onset patriotic and bright.

"Hundreds of man hours go into planning this event," Goodwin said. "But in the end, it's all worth it."

Lili Moretti, 7, of Carver is decked out in red, white and blue for the Onset Fireworks. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
From left: Nicholas Arsenule, Aaliya Kerrten, Lilliahna Dacosta, and Karissa Desmarias strike a pose beside a vendor's table. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
Rebecca Stanford of Wareham and her dog Lucy collect donations for the Onset Bay Association. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
Members of Wareham Police, Wareham Fire and Onset Fire stand outside of their first mobile command center. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
Waiting for the fireworks, two friends take each other on in beachside lightsaber battle. (Photo by: Meghan Neely)
Fireworks over Onset Bay. (Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
(Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith )
Comments (11)
Posted by: desertsky | Jul 08, 2018 07:32

A pic of the actual fireworks would have been nice!

Posted by: totellthetruth | Jul 08, 2018 08:30

GREAT! Job A hearfelt Thanks to ALL involved!

Posted by: SammieJfive | Jul 08, 2018 15:25

Thank you to all who helped to bring the show together! Had lots of fun, and was impressed. Also, great Police detail taking care of traffic afterwards!!! Hope ALL had a safe, enjoyable evening.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 08, 2018 22:04


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 08, 2018 22:04

Desert- ask and you shall receive!


Andrew - excellent photos!

Posted by: desertsky | Jul 09, 2018 06:25

Awesome pics!!! Thank you to all involved..hopefully safe all around and everyone had fun. Great job!!!

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 10, 2018 13:15

Sparklers are illegal and hundreds of kids are injured by them every year. Interesting choice for a lead photo. Cute kid though.

Posted by: totellthetruth | Jul 10, 2018 14:22

Onsettogether: Hope you had a nice vacation. The rest of us certainly did!

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 10, 2018 14:51

Onset- Don't be such a party pooper!  Every kid plays with sparklers.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 11, 2018 05:19

WBTS not all kids, of course. You are really selective about law enforcement. If a child were badly burned, you's be all over the magnet that drew such irresponsible parents to Wareham, in my humble observation. They burn at 1800-3000 degrees F- in a kid's hand.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 11, 2018 10:52

I know they burn hot.  I know they are dangerous.  I just handed them out to a group of family & friends kids ages 7 to 17.  Same  group that we spend 4th with every year.  We teach and explain the danger to them . They know.  In 10 years there have been no accidents!  Lucky, maybe...or possibly due to doing it responsibly.  Bottom line, sparklers are a rite of passage for kids.  They get hot.  Some kids get a little burn.  They learn and gain the knowledge that sparklers are hot .Happy 4th of July!

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