Fall is here...what the stars have to say to us.

By Victoria Scerbo | Sep 19, 2010

Now that introductions are done, I would love to share a some of my interests with my fellow villagers! Aside from being a Chiropractor, I am also an Astrologer, and I have a lot of information in my head. I really want to share and obtain feedback from all of you on the information I will be sharing here with you! So, today to honor the coming of Fall, I would like to tell you what the stars are up to!

Astrology is a word derived from the Greek roots astron meaning star, and logos meaning word, so Astrology is the study of the language of the stars. An astrologer looks to the heavens at the position of the planets and their geometrical relationship to each other to determine the types of “energy” that are influencing our planet and it’s inhabitants on any specific day.

We each are imprinted with an energy pattern at the moment of our birth. An astrologer can “erect” a natal chart that depicts where the planets were located in the heavens at the time of your first breath. A natal chart gives clues to the energy you get to work with in your life. For example, if you are born with your Sun in Virgo you will tend to be detail oriented and choose service oriented work. Another example is Aries. Aries is not super interested in details. Aries likes to do something exciting and novel, something a Virgo might feel unsure of doing. Both these statements about Virgo and Aries are general and based mainly on the position of the Sun at the time of their birth. So you Virgos and Aries out there may say, "well yes that’s sort of right, but…". The reason for this is if you only take the Sun into consideration than you are only getting a partial picture. There are 9 other planets to take into consideration, so although Sun Sign Astrology is sometimes accurate, it is not a complete picture.

Just as you can erect a chart for a person’s birth you can also erect a chart for any point in time. You can have a chart for the start of a business, for a marriage, or you can have a chart for the season.

In fact, the first day of Fall coincides with the sign of Libra. So at the moment of the Fall Equinox the Sun enters the sign of Libra. Libra is about balance and the symbol for Libra is scales. When the Sun moves into Libra the day and the night are equal. The earth is at a point of balance. And so as Fall begins the natural “energy” is one of stillness. This is a good time to foster stillness within your life.

Libra is also the sign of relationships. Relationships become more important. If you can, imagine hundreds of years ago when Fall was the time of harvest. Our ancestors evaluated what they had to work with for food and fuel for the coming winter. How important would a good relationship have been with your spouse or neighbor back then? It was almost paramount to survival. What kind of comprises do you think would have been needed? What level of interdependence was required? And although in modern times this is not as much of a life and death struggle, the ‘theme’ of this time, our time now, is similar. After all it’s easier to rake up the leaves in the yard when the whole family pitches in and even easier if your neighbor isn‘t blowing his leaves in the direction of your yard! Good relationships are good for all.

Libra is also the sign associated with peace. Therefore fostering peace is important. How can we foster peace? Well first we must find peace within ourselves, then allow that peace to flow out and permeate our environment.

Fall is the point of balance which heralds the time of year when the light wanes and the darkness begins to grow in the Northern Hemisphere. Night becomes longer than day and we naturally become more sedentary and introspective. As the leaves begin to turn and the air grows crisp, we evaluate what “fruits” the spring and summer have brought forth. The ‘hot’ emotionality of the summer begins to cool into a mental understanding. These are the natural rhythms of the season.

So what are the stars up to right now? They are offering a time of introspection, relationship building, stillness, peace, balance and always love and light. Wrap yourself in Fall's embrace!

In Wareham we are lucky enough to be able to see the seasonal energies. Because of the beautiful natural setting we find ourselves in and because of the harvests we see around us. We are reminded of the cycle of life in a way that people removed from nature do not see. We are truly blessed.

So with grattitude in my heart..I thank you for reading!




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