Elected Democrats, voters discuss politics over pancakes

By Lydia Goerner | Jun 25, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Congressman Bill Keating addresses voters on the importance of working together to achieve political goals.

Syrup and conversation on climate change flowed freely at Sunday morning’s breakfast with elected officials.

The Wareham Democratic Town Committee hosted Rep. Bill Keating, State Sen. Marc Pacheco and Setti Warren, a candidate for Massachusetts governor.

Keating told those in attendance not to be discouraged by the Republican majority in each branch of government. Although Keating said pulling out of the Paris Agreement was “shocking” and the United States is now moving away from finding renewable sources of energy with the administration change, he said Massachusetts voters should not be discouraged from making their voices heard.

Keating focused most heavily on health care, particularly the repeal of the Affordable Care Act discussed in the U.S. Senate. He said one-sixth of the U.S. economy is health care, so health care cuts will lead to a loss of jobs and access to hospitals in rural areas.

Most importantly, the health care bill would “make state governments rationers of health care,” Keating said. “States will have to decide who gets it and who doesn’t.”

Keating also took issue with the pre-existing conditions introduced in the new bill.

“Being a woman is a pre-existing condition,” Keating said. “You’re getting charged because you give birth to children.”

In conclusion, Keating said, although it is possible with more evidence, Democrats should not hold out hope that Trump will be impeached.

“It is unwise for Democrats to rush the Special Counsel,” Keating said. “Jumping to impeachment is not a good strategy.”

One question from the audience came from Lisa Morales, a founder of Onset All Together. Morales asked Keating how Democrats in Wareham can help advance their cause.

“We don’t hear enough noise coming from Democrats in Washington,” Morales said. “Whining isn’t noise.”

Keating advised that people stick together, even with those who do not share every belief, get involved with local organizations and groups and reach out to groups in other towns.

“We have to work together,” Keating said. “We need to reach out hands rather than building walls to make change in Wareham.”

Pacheco also spoke at the breakfast and also encouraged Democrats to focus on moving forward toward their common goals. He said the possibilities for the future are “scary” because of Trump’s decisions since becoming president.

“He said he was going to drain the swamp,” Pacheco said. “He drained the swamp into his Cabinet.”

Pacheco said the “average citizen” of Massachusetts gets mixed messages from the president and the media, so it is easy to be confused or misinformed. The job of Democrats now is to focus on facts and spreading correct information, he said.

Morales asked Pacheco about the proposed 174-unit affordable housing development at 3102 Cranberry Highway in East Wareham. She said Wareham has “more than our share” of affordable housing and asked how the proposal can be stopped.

“You are not meeting the minimum threshold,” Pacheco said. “If you believe in having affordable housing, there has to be a minimum statewide standard.”

Finally, Warren spoke about his current campaign for Massachusetts governor. Warren served two terms as the mayor of Newton, Massachusetts. He talked about his clear and transparent record of spending in Newton, which he said he would continue as governor.

“Our budget was not a spreadsheet, but a reflection of our values,” Warren said.

Warren emphasized what he called the “defining issue of our time,” economic inequality. He proposed single-payer health care in Massachusetts, which received a round of applause from the audience. He also proposed free public college in the state and voiced his support for the Fair Share Amendment for taxes.

Warren told the group to push back against Trump’s policies that go against their values. Over 5,000 people in Wareham voted for Trump, Warren said, but he remains confident that, "We can do it better here than any other place in the union."

Money raised from the breakfast and raffle went to political campaigns through the Wareham Democratic Town Committee.

Sen. Marc Pacheco addresses a question about affordable housing in Wareham. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Setti Warren talks about economic inequality, his passion as he runs for Massachusetts governor. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Roger Lobban (left) and Dominic DeAngelis enjoy politics over breakfast. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Elected officials and candidates in attendance at Sunday's breakfast. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
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Posted by: Randall Stephens | Jun 25, 2017 18:25

I'm sure more Democrats would have attended this event if there were some sort of hand-out or if they were offered something free that they didn't have to work for !

Posted by: bob | Jun 25, 2017 18:31

Gee,Looks like a real great breakfast that they served..DONUTS AND COFFEE...OBOY,

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Jun 25, 2017 22:54

Hahahahaha!  What a freak show!  This event sounds like the Special Olympics of Pontificating.

“Keating said pulling out of the Paris Agreement was 'shocking'”. Maybe to a bottom-feeder like Keating.  When did China—the largest polluter of the US west coast—have to start reducing their climate contamination?  The Year of Our Lord 2030.  But only if they felt like it.  The whole Paris Climate Accord is an anti-American hoax.  As is Keating, apparently.

“He said one-sixth of the U.S. economy is health care”.
Only because it, too, it a gigantic fraud.  Today's doctors are little more than upsellers of ridiculously overpriced goods and services, no different than Jiffy Lube salespeople who are trained to turn a simple oil change into a complete filter, wiper blade, and fluids flush.  Any coincidence that the medical industry, insurance industry, and ObamaCare's “Americans are stupid” architect are centered in Boston, the sphincter of the universe?

At least he's coherent enough to realize that “Democrats should not hold out hope that Trump will be impeached”. Duuuuuuuh.

The unindicted co-conspirator Marc Pacheco basically gave Wareham the finger.  “You are not meeting the minimum threshold,” Pacheco said. “If you believe in having affordable housing, there has to be a minimum statewide standard.” The government-employee-union whore's home town of Taunton has a lower percentage of affordable housing than Wareham, not including mobile homes, of course.  In fact, MOST towns in this state have a lower percentage than Wareham.  Actually, Marc, we believe in affordable housing, and we believe we are providing more than our share.  When will you stop blocking efforts to include mobile homes as affordable housing?

“The job of Democrats now is to focus on facts and spreading correct information,” the unindicted co-conspirator said.”  Hahahahahaha!  The average Democrat doesn't know any correct information—they spew fairy tales, urban legends, and bumper sticker slogans.

And Setti Warren, accounting genius and candidate for governor thinks budgets are not spreadsheets, “but a reflection of our values”. Hahahahahaha!  Values like total state liabilities exceeding assets by 53 percent? Massachusetts total debt is $26.73 billion. Unfunded pension liabilities are $94.45 billion on a guaranteed-to-be-paid basis, and other postemployment benefits (OPEB) add $15.38 billion.  Massachusetts ranks 49th among the US states and Puerto Rico for its fiscal health.  Budgets ARE about numbers, idiot.


Posted by: desertsky | Jun 26, 2017 08:16

Excellent comments, SSN..you've obviously done your homework.

Well said!!


Posted by: Rosebud | Jun 26, 2017 09:04

I wonder if Keating has ever read the Paris agreement.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 26, 2017 09:08

What a bunch of losers with loser ideas.

Posted by: desertsky | Jun 27, 2017 07:32

Too bad he doesn't LIVE in Paris...

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