Democrats impress at committee breakfast

Jun 26, 2017

To the Editor:

I attended the Wareham Democratic Town Committee’s breakfast at the Onset Veterans of Foreign Wars on June 25. I was so impressed with what gubernatorial candidate Setti Warren had to say. He mentioned raising taxes on the very wealthy. He made it real by describing people who make $20,000 a week. Who needs that much money?

That is what making a million a year really looks like. I loved hearing a candidate who says things so ordinary folks like me get the picture. He is in favor of single payer insurance for Massachusetts. He spoke in favor of free tuition in public universities. Congressman Keating (D-Mass.), State Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton) and John Buckley of the Deeds Department all had interesting things to say. We are so fortunate in Wareham that these folks come to visit us and to speak with us personally.

Kate Furler

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Posted by: bob | Jun 26, 2017 17:35

Katie,Did Marc Pacheco mention about the raises that he voted himself,and the new reimbursement allowance that they are getting..How about Keating health insurance,I believe that Congress is exempt from ACA or OBAMA CARE,,And free tuition,who pays for that ..The working class ends up paying for it..And who is Seth Warren..What has he brought to the table.....

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 26, 2017 20:48

Bob - I believe the person you are inquiring about is Setti Warren, not Seth Warren. Below is a link to information about Setti Warren:


If the link doesn't work for you, do an online search for "Setti Warren" and you should find several website options that offer information about him



Posted by: bob | Jun 27, 2017 05:23

Thanks,Andrea,I shell....

Posted by: desertsky | Jun 27, 2017 08:32

Hmmm...who do you think pays for "free" tuition??? I'm quite sure the people who work at the universities etc. want to get paid. And who makes $20K a week? People who work their butts off or own companies so their employees can work.  Same old story...let's vote for the politician who's gonna "give" me something...frankly I'm sick of paying for those who don't contribute and paying for some kid's tuition when I shelled out big bucks so my own kid could go to a state school really pisses me off. Take a look at Keating's tax return...maybe that would impress you too. Gimme a break...

Posted by: Uptohere | Jun 27, 2017 14:53

Who has the right to say how much a working person has a right to earn? If they can legally make it good for them. Would you have the same belief if you were making that much?  Politicians aren't curtailing how they can make and they don't put in nearly enough time to deserve what they get now. Not enough in my pocket well I'll just give myself a raise. And then preach about how others don't pay enough.

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