Criticism of Trump 'falls on deaf ears'

Sep 05, 2017

To the Editor:

In response “Hate on Display” by Kate Furler. The violence in Virginia was deplorable. But blaming the president and calling these hate groups “friends” of our president is taking the low road.

Trump spoke out against all the hate groups that were protesting in Virginia and as usual our president can never say or do anything acceptable in the eyes of some.

Trump supporters believe we voted for the better of the two candidates. Your shaming comment falls on deaf ears.

The outrage directed at our president is out of control and on the rise. People call our president a Russian puppet and now a racist. Both statements are lies.

I’m afraid this will only get worse and I wonder how people will handle their anxiety when President Trump wins a second term!


Roy Folsom


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Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 06, 2017 16:29

We understand you don’t care that he continually lies, that he panders to your fears and your ignorance and foments hatred. You voted for him so really we do get that you are deaf to reason. We also get that you believe with all of your heart that the misogynist, racist, petty, vindictive and dumb liar in chief is awesome, we really do get it. There’s just one problem, we have higher standards than you when it comes to humans and we expect way better. We don’t have anxiety we have moral outrage and our behavior will not change. We will continue to resist this subhuman until he is driven out of office by what will surely be his own lies and stupidity. After that is done we will make every Republican that is complicit in this national tragedy pay by voting them out of office even if it takes us a decade to do it. #RESIST

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 06, 2017 19:45

Davids girl your nose is so high in the air a bird might crap in it. Resist and tear down all the statues you want, thats what real nazis do. What's next book burnings in your little black costumes? In the end your side lost so get over it.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Sep 06, 2017 21:33

#RESIST posting during PMS week.

Posted by: desertsky | Sep 07, 2017 08:33

Wow. I bet you're tons of fun at the family get togethers...time to get back on the meds, Davidsgirl.

Posted by: sweetie | Sep 07, 2017 09:56

Davidsgirl,  sometimes the best way to deal with this situation is to let Mr Mueller figure it out.  You will never change people's minds. Besides, is it really that important to even try to change their minds???

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 07, 2017 13:13

Oh so sorry but between practicing to be stuck up, buying tampons and filling prescriptions I have not had time to reply to your thoughtful comments. Headed out to a flag burning now but I will definitely attend to this later!

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 07, 2017 13:23

Oh geez I just remembered that I have a meeting scheduled with George Soros after the flag burning  to discuss the money he owes me for participating in the resistance so it may be a while. :)

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 07, 2017 13:34

I knew it!

Posted by: Archangel | Sep 07, 2017 20:56

I'm not a member of either party. In the last elections I voted Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. And, yes, I voted for Hillary. Not one of the presidents elected was perfect but each of them were, if nothing else, presidential. They were respectable and respectful. They commanded a sense of order. They tried to unite the country during some very war torn and imminsley challenging times. Even if people didn't completely agree with them on every issue they could, for the most part, get behind them.  Trump, on the other hand, has promoted division, violence and, as Davidsgirl said, he is a misogynist, racist, petty, vindictive, liar. He has damaged the reputation of this country and divided us so badly that it will probably take decades or longer for us to recover. My patriotism is with my country and does not demand that I support a man that I believe to be a bigger threat to our stability than ISIS. Blindly supporting someone simply because they hold the title of president is no different than those unfortunate souls that drank the Kool-aid.

Sphere, what flavor do you prefer???

Davidsgirl, sounds to me like your nose is only in the air because, unlike some here, you can walk with your head held high.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 08, 2017 11:06

AAngel, Its not Trump that divided this Country, that came about by the Obama and his maniacal cult. If you dont think ISIS is a problem you have a problem.

Posted by: Uptohere | Sep 08, 2017 11:47

Well aa you almost sounded like an adult until you got to President Trump doing all the divisions. That claim to fame is people like you on both sides that just can't see past their nose and take responsibility that life isn't going to go just the way YOU think it should go. Davidsgirl isn't even worth commenting on.  Pull your head out, stop crying, buy some rash cream and move on to being an adult.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 08, 2017 12:11

Archangle, I have always been a registered independant, always voted for the person not the party.I also have never loved all that any elected person has done but you take the good with the bad and hope for the best. I did not love Barack Obama but I did love his message of hope and equal rights for all and believe wholeheartedly that once that is achieved the world will be a much better place. This administration is determined to turn the clock back and instead of furthering equal rights for all they are determined to take away rights and protections. In order to achieve this objective they intend to play on peoples fear and ignorance and for about 20% of the population it continues to work. For the rest of us it will never work and as long as we continue to resist it will ultimately never work. Thank you for your kind words and remember to resist every day in every way you can because we are not resisting a man we are resisting going back in time to a not so good place.

Posted by: cranky pants | Sep 08, 2017 16:55

To me it seems like the losers are the ones making the most stink over every little thing. She lost, shut up and go home already. Stamping your feet and pointing in every other direction isn't doing a damn thing but placing a divide where there really doesn't need to be one.. Accept the loss, try harder next time and maybe come back with a candidate that's a little more trust worthy and reliable.

Then say we're the one with issues.


Posted by: Archangel | Sep 08, 2017 20:53

I was going to stoop to your level and say something along the lines of, "Unfortunately for you, and the likes of Ballbreaker and Uptohere, Cranky, your "issues" would appear to run far deeper than any election or party." Instead, I'll ask you all the same question: To what do you attribute the demise of Flynn, Spicer, The Mooch, Bannon, and Priebus?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Sep 11, 2017 10:40

Archangel, I have to agree. The revolving door of that White House is an embarrassment to the office. It's like a real live season of the Apprentice. Every week "You're Fired"!!!

Posted by: barnstorm | Sep 15, 2017 09:15

The Constitution gives any POTUS the right to hire or fire anyone on his staff or in the Central Government at their discretion. And not the right to give amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens, period! Nothing embarrassing about  using the law to making changes to bad choices.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 15, 2017 10:50

Exactly right Barnstorm. Why would the left care why Trump removed people the left hated anyhow? No matter what he does he will be hated by the left and that makes me happy because he is unwinding the mess made by them and their cult of ineptitude.

Posted by: Archangel | Sep 15, 2017 18:02

The question was not about the right to hire or fire, it was not about what the left or right felt about them, and it certainly wasn't about aliens. But, it does appear that, at some level, you agree the choices Trump made were bad choices. Judging by Trump' track record so far, Sphere,  I wouldn't throw stones at any previous administrations, Republican or Democrat. I would take any one of them over this inept reality TV star.

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