Convenience Store Relieves Manager Over Profit

By AndJusticeForAll | Jan 28, 2018

Corporate America strikes again as the salary and pension of a 34 year local convenience store veteran is easily discontinued.  Ray Vezina, manager at the former Barker Road Tedeschi Food Shop recently purchased by 7-11, has been asked to relinquish his tenure effective immediately due to the financial struggles of the new owner(s).  Although not a resident of Wareham Ray is truly a staple in Town with several generations having fond memories of his kindness and dedicated service.  Social media has already begun to erupt over this discovery for which dozens upon dozens of East Wareham residents are vowing to boycott the establishment current employees included.  This is not an unfamiliar scenario in the business downsizing world however franchise owners, especially in this case, should take heed as to the potentially larger and/or subsequent financial struggles of such a decision.  Having come to terms with his own inevitability Ray plans to enjoy some much needed vacation time, care of a minor health issue, and the dusting off of his resume.  For those who would like to bid adieu Ray will celebrate his last day on Wednesday 31 January.

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jan 28, 2018 22:25

Its not uncommon for new owners to install their own management. No biggie

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jan 29, 2018 07:53

Has Ray lost all of the pension benefits that he accrued over 34 years? Or has the relinquishing of his tenure resulted in his inability to continue to grow the pension beyond the payout schedule he will receive based upon 34 years of service?

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jan 29, 2018 08:50

Mr Spherebreaker,  “Not uncommon” is your negative assumption and lack of empathy towards a situation you know nothing about.  Mr Vezina was in fact told that his salary is too much of a financial burden for the owner(s) to endure.  Furthermore the owners have decided to shoulder the management responsibilities themselves hoping to save money in the interim.  It is expected that other employees may also suffer, or choose to suffer, a similar misfortune.  The caveat is that this particular business has not proven profitable since the inception of new owner(s) giving testament to reasons other than salaries.  Regardless this post stands firm in it’s sympathy for Mr Vezina.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jan 29, 2018 12:27

Andrea,  The previous owner, Tedeschi's, was not a franchise store and settled the pension issue with Ray prior to 7-11 taking over.  The new store is a franchise with the owner(s) not willing to offer any pension at all.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jan 30, 2018 09:50

Justice, I stated a fact. No one is guaranteed a job for life. If you want that start your own business or purchase one. As far as me not knowing about the situation, I know all I need from you putting it out here on the web. Its an obvious business decision that needed to be made by YOUR own admission. Maybe you and your hate campaign will cause to store to close and the neighborhood will have nothing. I hope you will be happy with that result.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jan 31, 2018 08:24

Mr Spherebreaker,  Based on your first comment as well as your comment history "hate" is something you appear to thrive on.  The showing of sympathy towards literally anyone under duress of any kind seems to intentionally elude you.  There is an old adage that evidently your parents never impressed upon you, "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all".  With such a negative disposition a fair amount of sympathy should be applied to you.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jan 31, 2018 09:11

Save it Justice, You will need it. You should heed your own advise and close your flap trap instead of calling for and promoting a boycott of a business because you don't like the realities in the business world.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Feb 01, 2018 17:48

Poor poor Spherebreaker, once a narcissist always a narcissist.  In case you hadn't noticed at no time in this post was there a call for or a promotion to boycott.  The "realities in the business world" were also very well described with or without your assistance including only a mere observation that may or may not prove accurate.  At the risk of repetition the only thing you have accomplished, once again, was to display your lack of empathy for, well, the entire human race.  One can only hope this is just an online malady you possess and not one that exists in what ever world you reside in.

Posted by: cranky pants | Feb 01, 2018 18:28

" Social media has already begun to erupt over this discovery for which dozens upon dozens of East Wareham residents are vowing to boycott the establishment current employees included. "


Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 01, 2018 20:30

Thanks Cranky! Once again the Justice league has failed to defeat my devious plan to bring prosperity and affordable slurpees to the good people of Wareham.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Feb 02, 2018 12:20

Oh dear Spherebreaker, your quoted reference is merely informative and in no way calls for or promotes a boycott as you pretentiously promulgate.  What you know of "good people" is well hidden behind your computer screen and your insolence.  Seek free therapy elsewhere, you wore out your welcome here years ago.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 02, 2018 13:24

Justice league, Here is something not so hidden, I don't consider you part of that group and hope you pay full price for slurpees forever. Take that pretentious promulgation!

Posted by: cranky pants | Feb 02, 2018 13:24

This is getting redundant.

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