Capital Improvement projects announced for Wareham Public Schools

By Lydia Goerner | Aug 23, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner Business Manager Michael MacMillan explains the Capital Improvement Plan for the next five years.

Big construction, renovation and improvement projects are on the horizon over the next five years School Committee members learned Wednesday night after officials detailed the district's Capital Improvement Plan.

Business Manager Michael MacMillan explained that the Capital Improvement Plan is reviewed each year with every school’s administrative staff for updates. Capital improvement is defined as construction, renovation or improvements of grounds exceeding $50,000, sewer or storm water construction projects costing more than $50,000, new vehicles, other equipment costing more than $25,000 and real estate purchases costing $25,000 or more.

The Capital Improvement Plan aims to create a comprehensive strategy that can address the district’s needs. Ten items are on the Capital Improvement Plan that MacMillan presented to the committee for 2018. There are an additional nine items through 2021.

The most costly item on the plan for 2018 is the replacement of student transportation vehicles, with $135,000 required. Other projects are ongoing replacement of Chromebook stock at $68,600, HVAC replacement and repair at $81,000, repair and replacement of furniture, equipment and fixtures at $65,000, repairs to buildings and grounds at $80,000, replacing instructional programs, materials and equipment at $105,400, upgrade to security at the middle school and elementary school for $100,000, replacement of high school staged boilers at $30,000, replacing the fields and grounds' compact utility tracotr at $50,000 and replacement of rooftop condensing units at $40,000.

The total estimated cost for the 10 items for 2018 is $755,000.

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Posted by: Andrea Smith | Aug 24, 2017 15:47

And the grand total for the ten items presented to the committee for 2018 is?????

Posted by: Knocked for six | Aug 24, 2017 19:30

Andrea  did they update this after your comment?

Posted by: brazz | Aug 24, 2017 23:10

Andrew last sentence "The total estimated cost for the 10 items for 2018 is $755,000."

Posted by: bob | Aug 25, 2017 06:27

And what is the breakdown of each item cost??????

Posted by: noseyrich | Aug 25, 2017 09:07

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Starting at $349.00

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Posted by: Andrea Smith | Aug 25, 2017 09:56

Knocked - yes they did update after I posted my question.


Bob - Good question!


Brazz - Thanks for thinking of me. The article was updated to include the answer to my question. And by the way, it's Andrea, not Andrew.


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