Brothers of Freemasons open doors for those interested

By Zarrin Tasnim Ahmed | Oct 16, 2016
Photo by: Zarrin Tasnim Ahmed A look inside the Social Harmony Lodge of the Freemasons in Wareham.

If Mark Tower has one piece of advice for anyone interested in joining the Social Harmony order of the Freemasons, it would be to "just do it."

"Don't put it off," he said, from experience.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Tower gave tours and provided information to anyone interested or curious about the lodge, located near the Wareham Police Department.

The building is shaped like a triangle and has the Freemasons symbol on it: The masonic square and compass. The Wareham chapter of the fraternity is called "Social Harmony."

The first-time Master Mason joined the world's oldest known fraternity seven or eight years ago. His father and grandfather were both members of the fraternity. Tower lost his father when he was young and he put off joining the order for a while. That's his only regret: not having joined sooner.

He said the journey climbing through the ranks was "challenging and frustrating," but worth it.

For Dennis Crowley, a member of the Social Harmony lodge, joining has given him the opportunity to better himself.

"It's a lot of work, but its fulfilling," said Crowley. "It makes me have to work my mind."

Members often have to memorize speeches. Crowley and Tower said having to do so keeps the minds of even the oldest members sharp.

From ages 20 to those in their 70s, the order accepts men of all faiths- so long as they believe in some supreme deity.

The order meets every month, often hosting dinners before the meeting. It holds approximately 130 members currently.

The foundations the fraternity is built upon are brotherly love, relief, and truth. Everything the organization teaches has symbolism and meaning.

Members of a lodge can join any other lodge, keeping the ties between brothers who have learned the same lessons strong.

For more information, visit the Massachusetts Mason website.

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Posted by: Andrea Smith | Oct 16, 2016 11:29

I hope a member from Social Harmony Lodge will add to this story by sharing information about the Lodge's charitable works in general, and it's efforts which specifically benefit Wareham.

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