Anyone seeing a pattern here?

By Erik Fox | Dec 05, 2011
Courtesy of: John Mathieu

After a bit of bear buzz early July, reports of the furry friend trailed off.

Officials from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife said it may have ended up in Middleborough (foreshadow, anyone?).

"It doesn’t appear to be staying in one place for very long,” said Laura Hajduk, Black Bear Project Leader at the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  “Typically it could find a river or railroad corridor and just follow that, there are plenty of those leading into this region that it could be using to move around.”

But wait!

Three sightings occurred between Aug. 1 and Aug. 2 in the Aucoot Cove area. A reverse 911 call (a newly-implemented system!) was issued throughout the town alerted residents of bears in the area.

"I was out watering my garden and could hear my neighbor screaming," said John Mathieu of Bowman Road. "She was screaming 'bear'. I turned around and it was like 30 feet from me. It was 125 to 150 pounds, easy."

Mathieu saw the bear near his chicken coop, quickly grabbed his camera and scared the bear off after snapping a photo.

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