Anglers reel 'em in during annual Tihonet Pond Fishing Derby

By Matthew Bernat | Jun 04, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Tim Arruda of Taunton casts off during the annual Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club Tihonet Pond Fishing Derby on Sunday.

More then 160 anglers casted off in the long-running Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club Tihonet Pond Fishing Derby on Sunday.

Held at A.D. Makepeace property near the pond for more than 40 years, the event raised funds for the club’s youth group.

Tim Arruda of Taunton had been fishing without luck, until minutes before 2 p.m. when the award ceremony started.

“I got one!” he said, reeling in his first, and only catch of the day.

Inside the Box Mill Hall, awards were handed out alongside prizes. Those included a GoPro camera, a 10-foot Tracker Jon Boat with motor and an Old Town kayak with Scotty rod holder.

Shawn Clark, a club member and event organizer, said the forecast initially called for rain. Instead, anglers casted off on a clear and bright day.

“We got lucky with the weather,” he said. “It doesn’t get better.”

Derby winners are:

Junior anglers (age 14 and younger)


1. 2 lb, 8 oz - Wayne Cash

2. 2 lb - Lilyana Amaral

3. 1 lb, 13 oz - Gavin Honkonen


1. 2 lb, 11 oz - Christopher Bruneau

2. 2 lb, 41 oz - Ryan Lovering

3. 1 lb, 12 oz - Jeffrey Ouellette


1. 13 oz - Tyler Doherty

2. 10 oz - Coline Malone

3. 10 oz - Rober Haskell



1. 3 lb, 12 oz - Sharon Kelly

2. 3 lb, 3 oz - Kvin Krystofolski

3. 2 lb, 15 oz - Richard Morrell, Jr.


1. 2 lb, 5 oz - Laura Lizotte

2. 2 lb, 4 oz - Ben Alden

3. 2 lb - William Oicles

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