An apology for a blunder

Mar 20, 2012

To the Editor:

The following post by a reader appeared on the Wareham Week website:

"A question about campaigning laws. Is it legal for someone to send solicited candidate information and opinions to Town of Wareham employees on their town email? I know you can NOT solicit at municipal buildings but does that extend to municipal employees email address also? I ask because a man involved with the seniors of Wareham is sending out emails to town employees. He got the email address because of his work with seniors now he is spamming them with 'vote for this candidate' emails?"

To all concerned with my blunder:

I apologize to all candidates if I offended you or anyone else who received my e-mail. It was not done on purpose. I was too exuberant in my mailings and not paying attention.

The e-mail addresses were not from a list I received from dealing with the seniors, but one I get from my old work as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors two to three years ago before Marcia Griswold was hired, and from the town's own e-mailings, as I am signed up to be notified with important messages.

The e-mail addresses are all mixed up in dozens and dozens of e-mails I have collected for the purpose of announcing events for the Friends of Wareham's Elderly, to raise money for our needy.

I will never make this mistake again, as I agree it's not the thing to do. Sorry to all for this mistake and it will not happen again!

Thanks to those who pointed it out! God bless you all!

Lawrence M. Gaines

President of the Friends of Wareham's Elderly


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