Accessory charges dropped against Wareham woman

Sep 30, 2016

The Bristol County District Attorney’s office will not press criminal charges against a Wareham woman who was arrested two years ago for allegedly helping a Taunton man flee a car accident with a suitcase full of drugs.

In December 2014, Rehoboth police charged Latesha Santos with accessory after the fact of a crime after Gilberto Oliveria-Mendes allegedly left a minor car crash carrying a suitcase with an estimated $250,000 worth of illegal drugs.

According to Rehoboth Police, the suitcase contained two kilograms of heroin, 500 grams of cocaine, 300 oxycodone pills and three pounds of marijuana.

Rehoboth Police said Santos was arrested after it was determined she drove to the area to help Oliveira-Mendes escape.

The charges were dropped after a motion to suppress a search of Santos’ car was granted. Following that, the Bristol County District’s Attorney office did not bring Santos’ case before a grand jury.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 04, 2016 21:23

Taunton...Wareham...birds of a feather flock together.  The DA finds a way to get her off on a search warrant technicality. Do I understand this correctly.  The suitcase was in her trunk but they can't use that against her.  Imagine that crap.  I hope I misunderstood.  I'd get charged for a loose aspirin in my car.  But Queen Latisha get!

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