A Silver Lining At Minot Forest School

By Mike Flaherty | Jun 08, 2011

Sorry, I meant to post this back in April and I just re-found it in one of my folders.

Around April Fools day, our household received a packet from the Wareham Public Schools.  The first sentence read, "We are pleased to release our district and school 'report cards' for the current year".  As I read on, I found myself scratching my head at what they were so proud to report.

The report card focused on the district's 2010 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  The cover letter only listed three schools: John W. Decas, Minot Forest, and Wareham Middle School.

Each one of them did not completely meet Adequate Yearly Progress for Mathmatics.

Two of the three did not completly meet Adequate Yearly Progress for English Language Arts (ELA).

Minot Forest was the only school listed to meet AYP for ELA.  Thumbs Up Minot Forest students, faculty, and parents!

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