A New Church

By Becky Hansen | Oct 19, 2010

Part of moving to a new area and starting a new life is discovering things about yourself. These things can be as simple as developing an obsession for farmers' markets, or as monumental as realizing that your spirit needs to be nourished as much as your body.

I have spent the last few Sundays visiting different churches in the Wareham area with the intent of making one my own.  I grew up in the Lutheran Church (literally…my father was a minister, and we lived in the parsonage attached to the church.  The organ pipes were accessed from a door next to my bedroom.)  When I moved from my childhood home in Brooklyn, I  drifted away from the church.  Now, at this stage in my life, I feel I need  to get back to my spiritual roots and once again become part of an active congregation.

Through the process of visiting three different church’s Sunday services I realized that what I really enjoy about church is the music.  I want to be a part of a church that celebrates through music; a church in which congregants don’t feel self-conscious about singing out loud; a church that has a choir that actually enjoys performing anthems.  The churches I visited had very engaging ministers and friendly members.  The sermons were intelligent and educational, but I was not emotionally pulled in by any of them.  People are touched spiritually in so many different ways.  Some are fulfilled through quiet meditation.  Others may be moved during a particularly motivating and challenging sermon.  But I want soaring hymns and skilled musicianship.  So I will continue my Sunday wanderings until I find what I need: some spiritual comfort and joy. 

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