Marion Road property cleaned up after health code violations

By Matthew Bernat | Sep 20, 2017

Wareham Police, the Department of Environmental Protection and the town’s Health Agent responded to 93 Marion Road recently after learning that the property owner violated several health codes.

“He was operating a junkyard in a residential neighborhood,” Health Agent Bob Ethier told the Board of Health on Wednesday.

Ethier said neighbors complained of work being done on cars at the property. He noted an inspection revealed open oil and antifreeze containers at the site, and the property owner had illegally parked several cars across the street in a town-owned vacant lot. Several piles of rubbish, consisting of metal, plastic and yard waste, were also found.

Since then, the cars have been moved, the vacant lot roped off and the property owner is working to clean the site, said Ethier.

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Posted by: bob | Sep 21, 2017 07:34

Now if only Mr.Either would take a ride down Main Street,starting at the Maytag Property and working his way towards the old Greers Lumber Yard...I'm sure there is many violations  that he has close his eyes too...Its time to hit these property owners with fines.......

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Sep 21, 2017 09:27

Ahh yes Bob, the old lumberyard/amphibious vehicle/big crane grave yard.  Such a shame to have a beautiful location like that just rotting away.    The land between British Landing and Besse's Park is perfect for so many water front uses that would be so good for our town. Something as simple as an expansion of Besse's Park for use as a fairground.  To something as complex as a marina/waterfront dining & shops, etc.  Look what other nearby waterfront towns do...Plymouth, Falmouth, etc.  Instead we have a rusting crane with weeds & vines growing in it.

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Sep 21, 2017 14:46

How about the dump on the corner of Main and Mill St. Awful!

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Sep 21, 2017 22:30

About fricking time.  Is Margaret Grassi's junkyard on the list or is this simply selective enforcement to appease some whiny VIP?

Posted by: bob | Sep 22, 2017 06:58

SFSON,You probably right,just look at the MAYTAG PROPERTY  on MAIN STREET,nice example....

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Sep 22, 2017 15:33

There are so many places in town that could use a clean up . Start with rotten cranberry highway ...

Posted by: sadie | Sep 22, 2017 21:24

not everyone cleans up their site. the man on sandwich road kept the town in court for 4 or 5 years. I know the town got them to take down that building by Bessie park but I don't know what is happening with the crane. You can always ask the ta or the selectmen they might know what is going on with certain properties. 

A while ago someone at a selectmens meeting said they had a hit list of properties they wanted cleaned up I forget who it was and I never heard if they were ever cleaned up.


Posted by: bob | Sep 24, 2017 06:32

Sadie,I think the selectman who had the list was Steve Holmes,and to talk to our TA, not to likely or you show up at a selectmen meeting nite...He doesn't have a open door policy ...

Posted by: sadie | Sep 24, 2017 07:40

Bob, I don't think it was Steve Holmes, although he did try to get the town cleaned up. I think it was a dept head like maybe inspectional service.

You can always email the TA or inspectional services and ask why certain properties are left a mess.

Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 24, 2017 20:21

The "list", complete with photos, was or maybe still is hung on the wall in the basement of the Town Hall on a bulletin board outside the BOH office.

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