East Wareham 7-Eleven food sales suspended due to violation

Employees lack certification Health Agent says
By Matthew Bernat | Mar 15, 2017

The sale of prepared food at the 7-Eleven in East Wareham is temporarily suspended after health officials discovered the store violated town regulations.

Health Agent Robert Ethier told Board of Health members on Wednesday that employees without a ServSafe certification were preparing hot dogs, pizza and other food in the store.

ServSafe certificates are issued by the National Restaurant Association to businesses that have at least one employee who passes an exam on properly handling food. Those certificates are required if Wareham businesses want to sell food.

Ethier told board members that the violation was discovered just over two weeks ago. On March 1, the Onset Fire Department and Ethier responded to 7-Eleven after employees reported smelling gasoline in the store. During the gasoline investigation, Ethier said he noticed a broken sink, which prompted him to look further into how the store handles food. He then learned none of the employees were ServSafe certified.

The gasoline problem is likely attributed to a broken vent, Ethier said, noting it’s still being investigated by store management. In the meantime, gasoline sales are suspended until the problem is identified and fixed.

Ethier said food sales will also be suspended until the proper certification is acquired.

The store remains open, but with no gasoline or prepared food for sale Ethier likened it to “an inconvenient convenience store.”

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Posted by: baron1701@yahoo.com | Mar 16, 2017 09:00

I have had jury duty at the court house a few times. There are a lot of people in and out of that courthouse who run over for lunch, etc. If they go under there will be foot traffic crossing the street over to the new Seasons store. Are there proper signals and crosswalk there now?

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Mar 16, 2017 09:41

You're thinking of the WEST Wareham 7-Eleven.  It's the EAST Wareham store that's having problems.

Posted by: baron1701@yahoo.com | Mar 16, 2017 12:44

Society for Suppression of Noise - you are correct. I live close to the courthouse and pretty much forgot about the other one. TY for the correction.

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