1 of 3 suspects wanted in connection with stabbing turns himself in

Jul 25, 2018
Photo by: Andrew W. Griffith

One of three men wanted in connection with a Wareham stabbing has turned himself, police said Wednesday morning.

Christian Fernandes, 30, of Wareham, was wanted for a stabbing incident which occurred on July 19. He turned himself into Wareham District Court on Tuesday, July 24. He is being held on $10,000 bail for the charges in Wareham and had his bail revoked for charges outstanding in Barnstable County.

Police are still searching for two others, Thomas Tavares, 28, and Andrew Booker, 29.

“If these two do not turn themselves in, it will only be a matter of time before they are captured,” said Acting Police Chief John Walcek.

The search started after Officer Nate Aronson responded to Tobey Hospital around noon on July 19 when a stabbing victim came in to the emergency room seeking treatment. Aronson arrived to find the man had been slashed across the face and beaten.

Wareham detectives took over the investigation and it was later determined that the attack occurred in the Oakdale area, near Frank’s Way, at about 11:30 a.m.

Police do not believe the attack was random and the victim is expected to survive.

Detectives have since secured arrest warrants for the following individuals with their respective charges:

Thomas Tavares, 28, of Wareham

  • Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon

Andrew Booker, 29, of East Wareham

  • Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these individuals should contact the Wareham Police Department at 508-295-1212.

Christian Fernandes (Courtesy of: Wareham Police Department)
Thomas Tavares (Courtesy of: Wareham Police Department)
Andrew Booker (Courtesy of: Wareham Police Department)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 20, 2018 16:14

No surprise that they already had their pictures on file.


Despite all the success, they say that things need to get worse in order to get better...well, guess this qualifies as worse.  Keep up the great work WPD!  Find these three!  Why aren't they wanted for attempted murder?

Posted by: noseyrich | Jul 21, 2018 07:26

Exactly right WBS, 3 perps...all with prior wrongdoing...sounds like attempted murder to me also. Obviously these three are too caught up in their lifestyle to smarten up and change. Lock em up!!!

With Hillary!!!!!

Posted by: Bluebell3333 | Jul 21, 2018 07:29

Wareham certainly is getting worse and worse. What has it got going for it? Crappy school system, crime run amuck, financial broke, bare bones services, property values plummeting but it a shopping plaza right off the highway so people can flock on it and give their money to giant corporations then get right back out while giving nothing to the town.

Wareham... The definition of a sh*t


Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 21, 2018 10:39

Wareham has it's beautiful geography going for it.  Get a fishing license or a shellfish license.  Take a kid with you. Walk some of the trails.  Ride a bike. Watch the sunset. That's what I do to see the good.

Posted by: brazz | Jul 21, 2018 13:37

Some of you act like this stuff only happens in Wareham, You're not helping the town at all with all that Wareham bashing. Not sure if you noticed but this is a great seller's market. Go to where the grass is greener.

Peace out

Posted by: kevinc687 | Jul 22, 2018 06:01

I have learned through life, that the grass is only greener around the septic tank. This is a great town, just a few bad apples. We have fresh water ponds and nice beaches, we have salt water with nice beaches, we still have large wooded areas that they haven't cut down to do a 40B or shopping center yet. We have to make our own grass as green as you can around yourself and not look for greener elsewhere.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 22, 2018 09:00

You can make the grass green for your family only to have liberal judges and 40b developers drop a steamer In your front yard. Both bring flies, maggots and smelly shoes.

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jul 22, 2018 22:25

Sphere you forgot the Dog Poops....

Posted by: Bluebell3333 | Jul 23, 2018 05:53

Wareham may look good on the outside but as the saying goes... You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 25, 2018 09:43

Glad one of them did the right thing.  He knows where the other two are. The Judas Cradle, The Rack, or maybe just some basic Dunking should make him speak.


Look at the cupola on the police station.  They already have a Judas Cradle.  They just need a crane to hoist him up there and fasten him atop it.  Imagine the message that would send.



Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 26, 2018 09:58

Editor, publish the last known address of record. Give their families or landlords some incentive to clean up. Other newspapers publish it.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 26, 2018 10:00

Mr. Fernandes Grand Jury indictment https://www.capenews.net/bourne/news/grand-jury-indicts-alleged-drug-trafficker/article_8698ebe7-3395-57d6-b309-fef0094c9744.html

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 26, 2018 10:04

Mr. Fernandes previously arrested at 5 Camardo Drive. https://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/p/four-arrested-on-numerous-charges-after-search-of-wareham-homes/909683

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 26, 2018 14:52

Ever see the movie Fargo?  Remember the wood chipper?

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