Marine Pollution Reaching a Crisis

By Don't Trash Wareham | Sep 06, 2016

Don't Trash Wareham will be participating again this year in COASTSWEEP, a statewide program to clean up our beaches and waterways. Why bother? Because the pollution in our oceans is causing major problems.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, 80% of all ocean pollution enters from the land. Currently, 46,000 pieces of plastic exist for every square mile of ocean, equaling billions of pounds. Plastic is the second most dangerous waste for seabirds, whales, dolphins, fish and turtles. Necropsy has demonstrated that all of these creatures have been found with plastic pieces in their bodies.They eat plastic bags and plastic pieces, mistaking it for food.

The most dangerous ocean litter for these sea creatures and birds is fishing line, nets and ropes. Getting caught up in this type of debris often results in death.

But ocean pollution can also cause other problems. It threatens tourism and recreation and causes navigation hazards. Children playing on beaches find cigarette butts buried in the sand and seabirds have been known to eat them.

So, won't you consider helping Don't Trash Wareham in our COASTSWEEP cleanup? All cleanups take place from 10 am to noon and supplies are provided.

Swifts and Swifts Neck Beach--meet in Swifts Neck Parking lot on Saturday, September 17 (rain date 9/18).

Little Harbor Beach--meet in parking lot on Saturday, September 24 (rain date 9/25).

Onset and Shell Point Beaches--meet on the Pier on Saturday, October 1 (rain date 10/2).

Of course, if you live on a private or association beach, please take a little time to make sure any debris left behind or washed ashore gets removed.

Contact to let us know if you can help. Visit our Facebook page for photos of last year's cleanup.


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